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Atlas Group



Atlas is a significant stockist and distributor of large mains, bells, communication and overhead cables.  This business unit specialises in supply, either via direct distribution to large contractors or via the Voltex distribution network.  In addition to this, they are a reseller of cable into the electrical wholesale industry.  Atlas will typically hold in excess of R150M in stock and is thus best positioned to supply the needs of its customers in a very short period of time. All products distributed adhere to Eskom specification and applicable to the specific regions in South Africa.

Electrical power line, distribution and reticulation material and complimentary equipment. Power cable, ACSR, ABC, Airdac and associated accessories; prepaid meters and STS bases; ready boards; pole-top boxes; meter kiosks; distribution class transformers; surge arresters; drop-out fuse switches and isolators; wire-formed products; insulators; galvanized steel fittings and brackets; cross-arms; stay assemblies; safety equipment; tools, testers and ladders, transformers, min-subs, and others.

The Atlas premises allows for optimised distribution and warehousing of both product ranges. The property exceeds 30,000m².

Atlas Group  +27 (0)11  864 5255 | www.voltex.co.za