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LED Lifestyle Products & Energy Efficient Products and Solutions

General LED range: Indoor - Downlighters, Ceiling Lamp, Strip Lights. Outdoor - Floodlights, Solar Sensor Floodlights, LED Floodlight, Deck Lights, Wall Lights, Bulkheads, Garden Spot Lights.
Lamps & Tubes: Energy Saving Lamps, Lamps & Tubes, GLS LED Lamps, Retrofit & T5 luminaires.
Professional range: Commercial - Venezia Downlighters, Royal Downlighters (Tilting), Royal Downlighters (Straight), Alpha Downlighters (Tilting), Alpha Downlighters (Straight), Villa Downlighters, Track Light Downlighters, Edge Desk Lamps,
Street and area lighting: Pathfinders.
Rechargeable LED Lanterns, Rechargeable LED Torches, Air Conditioners, Hand Dryers,
Motion Sensors, Induction Geysers and Stoves.
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electric cable

Electric Cables

Coaxial cable, Copper wire Telephone cable, onster cable Electric wire,cat5 cable Cable wire, electrical cabling Electric wire cable, armoured cable Shielded cable, copper cable Electrical wires, flexible cable Power cables, monster cable
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wiring accessories

Wiring Accesories

Electric plug, Plugs electrical lectrical plug, Wire connectors Industrial socket, Waterproof connector Amp connectors, Electrical connector Power sockets, Pin plugs, Socket outlets Electric sockets, Circular connector Outlet plug, Connector manufacturer

home security

Home security

combination lock, wireless home security, burglar alarm, electronic locks, home video security, masterlock, hasp lock
lighting supplies

Lighting Supplies

Commercial lighting, outdoor lighting Kitchen lighting, modern lighting Garden lighting, home lighting Designer lighting, industrial lighting Residential lighting, bathroom lighting Recessed lighting, indoor lighting Wall lighting, interior lighting Light fixtures, light fittings

electrical tools

Electric Tools

Ring pliers, vise grip, pipe cutter Torque wrench, plier sets, multi plier Nose pliers, cable cutter, wire stripper Crimpers, wire crimper, hot wire cutter Electrical tools, cable wire stripper Hacksaw, tape measure, tape measuring Hydraulic cutters, hydraulic tools
test instrument

Test Instrumentations

Digital multimeters, multimeter digital Digital meters, digital clamp meter Clamp on meter, current clamp Clamp multimeter, multitester mmeter, voltmeters, voltage tester Digital voltmeter, high voltage tester Voltage detector

cable tray

Cable Management

cable tray, cable tray manufacturers, wire cable tray, cable tray system, electrical cable tray, Cable management, wire mesh cable tray, unistrut, cable cover, wire covers, cable tray, cable management racks, cable tray systems, plastic fasteners, metal fasteners
circuit breaker

Electrical Distribution

Miniature circuit breaker, square d circuit breaker Circuit breaker panel, electric circuit breaker Main circuit breaker, circuit breaker boxes Air circuit breaker, thermal circuit breaker Ac contactor, Dc contactor Isolator switches, Distribution box Electric junction box