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General Electrical

General electrical supplies from Voltex

Voltex stocks a wide range of general electrical products from cable ties to tape, tools, meters, terminals and more. Whether you are an electrical contractor or a DIY enthusiast, we have what you need. The range includes both locally manufactured and imported brands. Purchase your electrical tools online or from a branch near you.

Lamps and Lighting

Supplier of a wide range of light fittings and globes

Voltex supplies a wide range of residential, commercial and industrial light fittings, globes and accessories. Visit a Voltex store near you and find the perfect fitting for any application. You can also browse our range of fittings and lamps in our online store and then collect from a branch near you.Contact us today!

Tools, Meters and Testers

Supplier of electrical toolkits, meters and testers

Voltex supplies a wide range of electrical tools, meters and testers. From digital multimeters, lux meters and earth resistance meters to earth leakage, infrared, insulation and voltage testers, power tools, screwdriver sets, hand tools and holes saws.  Voltex has the electrical tool for you whether you are a contractor or a DIY enthusiast. Purchase your electrical tools online or from a branch near you.

Cable and Wire

Electrical cable and wire

Voltex is a supplier of a wide range of low voltage and medium voltage electrical cable, wire and overhead line equipment. From General Purpose Wire to Surfix, Flat Twin and Earth, Bare Copper, Bells and Mains and a wide range of cable accessories, we have what you are looking for, and if we don’t have it, we will order it. Visit us in-store or online today!

Solar/Renewable Products

Solar and Renewable Energy Solutions and Accessories

Electricity costs make up a large portion of the overall budget for your home. With the correct solution in place, you can significantly reduce your energy costs. Voltex supplies a range of solar and renewable energy solutions and accessories including solar panels, lithium LiFeP04 batteries, inverters, combiner boxes, mounting structures, fuses and fuse holders, Wm4 and stick connectors, smart chargers, solar cable and solar kits. Visit us in-store or online today!

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Voltex is your partner in all things electrical.

Voltex does it all – If you or your business needs electrical supplies, expert advice or tailor-made solutions, there’s no doubt we have the perfect solution for you.

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