Vinyl Electrical Tapes

TypeNameDescriptionThickness (mm)Temparature Rating(°C)ApplicationsSizesProduct Code
Scotch® Super 33+ Premium Vinyl Electrical Tape Highly conformable in all weather applications. Resists UV rays, abrasion,corrosion, alkalis acids. Flame retardant UL listed. CSA callsified. 0,18105°CPrimary insulation for splices up to 600V. Protective jacketing.19mm x 20mH1420
Scotch 35 Colour Coding Tape 9 Fade resistant colours, excellet insulating properties. Resists UV rays, abrasion, corrosion, alkalis & acids 0,18105°CPhase indintification & marking. Harnessing.19mm x 20m H477
Scotch 22 Heavy Duty Vinyl Electrical Tape "Thicker for increased mechanical strength, abrasion resistant. UL listed. CSA certified. Electrical insulating" 0,25mm105°CPrimary insulation for splices up to 600V. Protective jacketing.24mm x 30m
36mm x 30m
3M 33 Vinyl Electrical Tape Spcification grade vinyl insulation tape. Flame retardant 0,18 80°C Primary insulation for splices up to 600V. Protective jacketing. 9mm x 6m
18mm x 6m
18mm x 20mm
Scotch 1710 Vinyl Electrical Tape A good quality electrical vinyl insulating tape. Flame retardant. SABS122 specified0,1880°CProtective jacketing. Harnessing.18mm x 20mH1202

Corrosion Protection Tapes

TypeNameDescriptionThickness (mm)Temparature Rating(°C)ApplicationsSizesProduct Code
Scotchwrap® 50&51 All weather Corrosion Protection TapeAll weather performances & resistance. Resistant to impact & abrasions.0,25
80°CCorrosion protection on pipes, conduits, joints, etc.Various x 30mH2625

Speciality Tapes

TypeNameDescriptionThickness (mm)Temparature Rating(°C)ApplicationsSizesProduct Code
Scotch 27 Glass Cloth TapeWoven insulating glass cloth. High temperature resistance. High mechanical strength. UL recognised.0.18mm27 is Class B temp 130°CHeat-stable insulation for furnace & oven controls, motor leads & switches12mm x 20m
19mm x 20m
12mm x 55m
25mm x 55m

Corrosion Protection Tapes

TypeNameDescriptionThickness (mm)Temparature Rating(°C)ApplicationsSizesProduct Code
Scotch 13 Semi- Conducting TapeRubber tape, Semi-conductive. Compatible with cable semi-conductive jackets.0,76continuous: 90°C short term: 130°CElectrically round high voltage connections. Provides cable shield continuation.18mm x 4,5mH1200
Scotch 23 Self-Fusing Rubber TapeHigh & low voltage insulating, self-fusing rubber tape.0,76continuous: 90°C short term: 130°CPrimary electrical insulation for splicing all solid dielectric cables through 69kV.18mm x 9m
24mm x 9m
Scotch 24 Shielding TapeAll metal open weave shielding braid, conformable, temperature stable.Continued electrostatic shielding across splice.25mm x 4,5mH10194
Scotch 25 & 26 Grounding BraidAll metal woven braid. High current carrying capacity of 12mm2 wire. SolderableGorunding of HV splices & terminations.12mm x 4,5m
25mm x 5m
Scotch 70 Self-Fusing Silicone Rubber TapeArc & tracking resistant self-fusing, long lasting silicone rubber.0,3mm180°CProtective over-wrap for terminating high voltage cables.24mm x 9mH483
ScotchfilTM Electrical Insulation PuttyBlack, self-fusing, insulating putty in tape form3,2mm80°CInsulate bus bars, motor lead (re-entry) service drop connections.38mm x 1,5mH2621

3M Tape Applications

ScotchTM Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape

ScotchTM Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape is a black 0.18mm is a premium grade all-weather vinyl electrical insulating tape with an aggressive adhesive and elastic backing that enables it to easily conform to irregular surfaces for water resistant elec- trical and mechanical protection. Scotch Super 33+ is highly conformable and super stretchy in all weather applications.This tape provides flexibility and easy handling for all round performances in cold to -18°C and is designed to perform in a continuous temperature environment up to 105°C.

Scotch 35 Vinyl Electrical Tape

Scotch 35 Vinyl Electrical Tape 0.18mm is a premium grade electrical vinyl tape which stretches to conform to virtually any shape which requires colour-coded insulation. Available in nine fade resistant colours. Scotch 35 Vinyl Electrical Colour Coding Tape is used in phase identification, colour coding leads and piping systems and for marking safety areas.This tape is abrasion-and weather-resistant,with excellent mechanical and electrical insulation properties which wraps smoothly and holds tight over a wide range of temperatures. Flame-retardant and excellent all-weather performance in cold to -18°C or hot to 105°C.

Scotch 22 Vinyl Insulation Tape

Scotch 22 Vinyl Insulation Tape is a black 0.25mm tape and one of 3M’s thickest vinyl electrical tapes. It seals in all kinds of weather and provides moisture-tight electrical and mechanical protection with fewer wraps than thinner tapes. Scotch 22 Heavy Duty Vinyl Insulation Tape is designed for heavy duty insulation applications that require greater mechanical strength and abrasion resistance. UL listed for use as electrical insulation up to 600 volts and 80°C. UL 510 is flame-retardent.