A good workman always has the right tools

In the digital age there’s not much stopping anyone with an internet connection from exploring home DIY. Learning how to make small home improvements and performing general maintenance in a domestic setting has never been easier. A simple internet search can produce hundreds of links to step by step videos and instruction on virtually anything. The only thing standing in your way now are the right tools to get the job done.

The efficient use of a wide range of tools is what separates us from other animals. Access to the right tools make jobs far safer and easier, allowing us to solve unique problems with more efficiency and finesse.

Choosing the correct tools for the right job can be a daunting and an overwhelming task – there are so many to choose from at so many different price points! The tools you bought to fix your toilet won’t be the same ones you need to maintain your gate motor. While building your basic tool collection, look for the highest quality you can afford and remember to maintain the tools you already have – ensuring they will continue to serve you for many years.

Tools for electrical work are often completely different to the ones a plumber may have in his toolkit. Jobs where wiring and electricity are involved will require tools that can measure voltage or manipulate and cut wires. Pliers of all kinds are especially useful for electrical work. Long nose pliers are used to reach wires in tight spaces and hold small objects in place while working. Groove joint pliers are useful for removing knockouts from metal electrical boxes, tightening cable clamps and for other general adjustments. These tools would, however, be useless to a carpenter or brick layer.

Other great tools for electrical projects include general use items like torches, measuring tape, screwdrivers and a good quality spirit level. A full kit that includes everything necessary can be the difference between a half-job and a job-well-done. It’s generally considered a bad idea to start a project before you have everything you need.

Buying tools when they’re on special is ideal to ensure affordability. Keeping a look out for sales is a great way to get the highest quality tools for the lowest possible price. If you’re currently on the hunt for some tools, you’re in luck! The 3-Phase sale currently on at Voltex is offering a great range of tools at great prices, making it possible to stock your toolkit without breaking the bank. They also make great gifts!

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