A Perfect Combination to Improve Productivity and Save Energy





The concept of Mellow Light is one of perception, “How to make the space appear brighter at lower levels of Illuminance.” In all modern buildings the emphasis has shifted towards “Greening”, with typical office spaces being designed at 350 to 400 lux. It is around these levels that the concept of “Mellow Light” was developed.

Our biggest challenge when designing LED fixtures for this environment, is how to eliminate the bright spots created by the SMD Device whilst allowing sufficient light through the diffusing medium. Bearing in mind that “the light you see is the light that is trapped”, this is typified by older technology LED Panel fixtures.

With light output ratios of up to 87%, Watts/meter squared/100 lux is no longer a challenge.

Lascon’s RCM – LED – 25W fixture at 350/400 lux, in a typical open-plan office environment, is less than 1W/meter squared/100 lux. Couple the above to lumen maintenance in excess of 60 000 hours (L70/F10), it is evident that Lascon LED products have exceptionally low power consumption and are also virtually maintenance-free.

If the Hubbell OMNIDTRP 2000 Sensor is added, daylight harvesting can also be incorporated into fixtures adjacent to windows, the deeper spaces controlled by presence only. Forgetting the debate over very expensive dimmable daylight harvesting systems, by comparison, Lascon’s Hubbell RP Sensors are relatively inexpensive. The one fact that no-one can argue with is that the biggest power saving achieved is “fixtures turned off”.

All Lascon luminaires are produced in South Africa.