Schneider Iconic Range

Shopping with Voltex has never been easier. The online shop and its multiple delivery options – including Click and Collect which offers you the option of collecting from your nearest store, or from any of the 2500 collection sites nationwide – means that you can shop any time, anywhere.

This means that the Schneider Electric Iconic range is within your reach! This modern electrical accessory range is based on a slim, clean design which is easy to customise and blend into your environment. It is the next generation platform designed with electricians, for electricians.

This range is filled with unique, smart features. New, game-changing compatible modules and grids with changeable skins and dollies for incredible customisation now and for future. The locking bar allows for simple mech reorientation and sturdy locking for a quick, easily install. This reduces the risk of mech pushbacks.

Our Electric Iconic’s Extra White skins offer a smooth, clean look and feel for all switches and sockets, making them easy to personalise with modern skins that even your customers will be able to change. Integrated protective screw covers prevent screw access after installation, allowing skins to be changed at any time. This all-new platform includes sockets, switches, timers, USB chargers, new features, and more. Schneider Electric Iconic was designed with features that greatly simplify installation, and with products that adapt to your lifestyle. Future-proof with products that allow for style and function updates in the years to come.

Schneider Electric Iconic switches and electronic accessories feature the all-new 40 series modules designed for optimum flexibility in up to 6 lever grids. The grids make changing from vertical to horizontal orientation simple, and locking bars reduce the risk of module pushbacks. Schneider Electric Iconic introduces a new Night Walk skin, featuring an integrated motion sensor that switches on when it detects movement. LEDs illuminate the way when someone gets up at night, without disturbing others.

When it comes to connectivity, Schneider Electric Iconic is unrivalled. It has comprehensive range of options for all modern network connectivity requirements. With modules for RJ45 networking, HDMI sockets and audio cable entry plates – everything you could need for home networking. It also has a wide offering for home data, TV and audio connections, meaning you can easily meet customer requirements for networking, audio and video installations.

For Audio, video and networking, Schneider Electric Iconic includes a wide range of modules to suit any home application. TVs can be connected to gaming consoles, IPTV and Pay TV boxes through F-Type connectors and HDMI cable series modules. RJ45 connectors can be used for home networking. Because no two home networks are the same, the new NCO 40 series module connectors make every set-up even simpler. You can use combinations of modules in up to 6 lever grids, providing for a broad range of end user requirements. For Actassi networking, Cat6 provides peace of mind with high performance and bandwidth.

There is no reason not to check out the new partnership between Voltex and Schneider Electric Iconic today. With so many options to choose from, there is definitely something for you.

Tied to excellence

Voltex showcases 101 ways to use the Weidmuller cable ties

The cable tie, in our opinion, deserves its own day on the annual calendar of important things as it is the quintessential product in any toolbox. Whether you’re a DIY guru, the go-to colleague for handy supplies in the office or the project manager on a big industrial job, a cable tie is generally a tool you will always keep in your arsenal. 

It is as versatile as an apparatus can be and most certainly, this nifty little aid makes for a great makeshift lock on your suitcase or for tying chords together, but have you ever thought about other ingenious solutions for which you can apply a cable tie?   

What about using it to; secure your ladder from slipping down, attach a set of keys to your belt loop, reattach the mudguard to your car or how about removing a broken cork from a bottle by creating a loop underneath the cork and pulling up and locking your toolbox while on site?

These are just some of the artful ways, in the workplace and at home, to make use of a Weidmuller cable tie. We still have another 96 reasons to get creative with its uses. And better yet, you can purchase our range of Cable Ties on the Voltex Online Store as well as at any of our branches nationwide.

Esteemed across the globe for excellence in German engineered technology and solutions, Weidmuller is a leading supplier of durable and world-class cable ties in South Africa. Designed with precision and tied to excellence, be assured that quality is the backbone of the Weidmuller cable tie. Join us as we uncover the many more handy recommendations you can use your Weidmuller cable ties for over the coming weeks and feel free to share your ideas for innovative ideas with us.

Click and Collect with Voltex!

Have you ever wished you could place your order online and just fetch it yourself instead of having to wait for the delivery truck to show up? Well, we have too, and that’s why we made Click and Collect an option when you shop with Voltex.

Why should you use it?

Click and Collect is not only convenient, but it is safer too. The limited person-to-person contact ensures that you and our staff are placed at the lowest possible risk of COVID-19. Being able to select which store you collect from means that you save on transport costs as you can select a store nearest your jobsite, your office, or your home. The time and money you save will quickly show you why this is the best option by far.

How does it work?

The process is incredibly simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit and select your goods.
  2. When you add to cart, select your preferred collection store from the dropdown menu.
  3. Complete your order with payment and you’re done!

Orders will be packed and ready for collection from your chosen branch within 4 hours.

We currently have the Click and Collect option available at our Cape Town, Briardene, Pretoria, Bramley, Midrand, and Weltevreden stores, but don’t worry – we’ll be adding new stores soon!


South Africa and a Renewable Future

Energy is an expensive industry and the way South Africa currently produces electricity is both harmful to the environment and our wallets. Because of this, the President signed into law the Carbon Tax Act No 15 of 2019, which came into effect from 1 June 2019, as announced by the Minister of Finance in the 2019 Budget.

The world is waking up to the need for renewable solutions and using their voices to protest for the health of our planet. It is no longer an option but a direct requirement and demand that people everywhere actively take all necessary steps towards implementing renewable energy. This tax is the initial direction needed for industries to start moving away from fossil fuels and a new beginning for the country and the world.

The primary objective of this carbon tax is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions sustainably and cost-effectively. By being implemented in 3 phases, the tax allows for a smooth transition in adopting cleaner and more efficient technologies and behaviours. The first phase will run from implementation up to December 2022.

In this initial phase, the time for energy users to invest in renewable power systems is now. The move away from coal to renewables is a complicated issue, but from global researchers looking into renewables are confident that the benefits of shifting will make the initial investment well worth it.

The implementation of phase 1 should encourage everyone, including businesses and homeowners, to move away from their reliance on energy sources that emit harmful greenhouse gasses. Investors should also see this initial phase as a valuable opportunity to step into the green energy market and avoid paying for their emissions later.

New studies suggest that renewables will prove more cost-effective by 2050. Investments into renewables could be as much as 50% cheaper once carbon tax costs are factored in. Solar and wind technology both consume far less water than traditional coal methods and are predicted to create many new jobs at varying levels of expertise. From engineers and electricians to installers and technicians, the renewables industry will require all types of skilled and unskilled labour to function properly and run smoothly. The research argues for an immediate revision to our country’s current energy policy, calling for an emphasis on solar and wind technology, which will make renewables the center of our electrical future.

The need for energy is constantly growing as technology advances and more jobs that require a sustained internet connection are created. This growth needs to be carefully managed and maintained. More often, business operations are reliant on a stable internet connection – access to which requires a constant stream of electricity. This means that access to energy is vital to the continued growth of the nation and the economy. Almost every single act of productivity requires energy as an input. The fact is, without electricity powering every industry, the economy would cease to function.

Providing basic access to this vital resource is now more affordable than ever with recent advancements into renewable energy. Making use of the vast energy from the sun will allow the country to comfortably provide energy in an even distribution to all South Africans.

Unfortunately, the adoption of equipment like solar panels might be out of reach for many due to steep upfront costs. Installing energy monitors may be an affordable alternative in the short term. One of the first steps a business or individual can take to start reducing their carbon footprint is of course information. Monitors that can be invaluable in knowing exactly how much electricity you’re using. They can be plugged directly into breaker panels for very specific monitoring and measure energy consumption, patterns and trends to note opportunity areas to reduce energy usage and costs.

Data collected from monitors such as Efergy’s E2 Classic Monitor can be analysed and used to find opportunities to save. Detailed interval energy consumption data makes it possible to see patterns of energy waste that would be impossible to see otherwise. Routines can then be altered and adjusted to save energy and money over time. Direct action can be taken using the detailed information these monitors can provide.

Energy management can be key to the reduction of electricity usage for businesses. For situations where electricity usage needs to be strictly controlled, prepaid electricity meters are a great direct method of reducing consumption. When the meter runs out, no more electricity is available for use until more is purchased.

The large-scale deployment of renewable energy, as well as more consideration and discussion around energy usage, offers the country a cost-effective path to rapid, sustainable and equitable growth. Considering usage and Installing reliable forms of renewable energy to help supplement power in home and business environments should be a top priority for everyone. Every step the country makes towards a green energy future is valuable, no matter the size.


UV Air and Surface Disinfection

Unlike chemical approaches to disinfection, ultraviolet light is an effective alternative to providing rapid, effective inactivation of micro-organisms therefore making it a very useful option for disinfection.

UV light can be used to kill micro-organisms in a variety of environments, such as in circulating air and on work surfaces. UV disinfection is highly effective for destroying a variety of harmful bacteria, pathogens, viruses and moulds.

The disinfection occurs when ultraviolet light is emitted in short wavelengths. These wavelengths are able to destroy the DNA of harmful bacteria, effectively removing their cellular function. UV disinfection is used in environments such as hospitals, clinics, doctors’ rooms, vets’ rooms, bedrooms and in any building where large groups of people are present.

Sterile air, for example, prevents the spread of diseases and reduces the risk of infection, both in medical facilities and in the workplace. Technilamp manufactures, supplies and services UV disinfection units and systems for these environments: air, surface and water.

Technilamp’s UV surface disinfection systems assist in the disinfection of all foods in production plants or with in-store merchandising. The system is chemical-free, thereby delivering an environmentally friendly solution with an extended shelf life to farmers, food manufacturers and retailers.

The UV surface disinfection system is effective in:

  • The inactivation of all food spoilage micro-organisms including bacteria, yeasts, mould spores, pathogens and viruses.
  • The decontamination of smooth fruits, vegetables, meat and cheese surfaces, leading to extended shelf life.
  • The decontamination of surfaces of equipment in food production, pack houses, cheese factories and meat processing plants.
  • The disinfection of packaging such as boxes, caps, bottles, cartons, films and foils.
  • Technilamp specifies Philips lamps only, which contain the lowest amount of Mercury and have a lamp life of ± 9 000 hours. Each lamp is enclosed in a UV-transmitting plastic security sleeve, preventing any glass or Mercury splintering onto working areas should breakage occur.

The system is available in 25W and/or 75W configurations, and multiple units can be applied where necessary.

UV light technology has advanced in recent years to become a reliable and viable disinfection method. The use of it for air and surface disinfection is far more environmentally friendly than many other methods of disinfection as it does not introduce any chemicals to the air or surface.

These lamps are used extensively in walk-in cool rooms to eliminate odours and kill bacteria and mould on the surfaces of food products like meat, chicken, fish etc. The lamps work in preventing spoilage and thus extending the storage life of the products. These units also remove smoke and smells as well as destroy bacteria and viruses in the air.

UV disinfection of air plays an important role in improving indoor air quality by reducing harmful pathogens floating freely in room air thereby reducing illnesses. These methods of purification are ideal for many applications because they are economical, safe, fast and easy with simple use and maintenance. There are many industries where disinfection without the use of chemicals is critical and UV light sterilisation can provide a safe, effective solution. For more information about Technilamp’s UV lights for disinfection, please contact us or visit


South Africa’s sunniest city called to shine brighter with Voltex

Bloemfontein. Bloem. The judicial capital and the City of Roses and, in our minds, a contender for the brightest city in South Africa. From the contagious smiles on the faces of the Bloemfontein locals to the 3330 hours of annual sunlight, Bloemfontein is indeed bright, and we couldn’t be happier to call Bloemfontein one of our homes.

Since setting up base in Oranjesig, Voltex Bloemfontein has been paving the way for renewable energy in Bloemfontein, encouraging maximum usage of the ample sunlight we experience. Bordering on the semi-arid region of the Karoo, Bloemfontein, and the Free State overall, is known for its hot, dry climate and long summer days under the highveld sun, making Bloemfontein an ideal location for solar. That’s why the shift towards solar could not be more fitting for a city like Bloemfontein. All that sunlight and the widespread need for renewable energy? Sounds like a match made in heaven to us.

Some of the country’s largest retail corporations have headquarters based in Bloemfontein, making the city’s economy a major contributor to the national economy overall. Productivity in any industry cannot be compromised, especially due to the inconvenience of an unreliable power grid. As such, running your enterprise on power generated by daylight hours is a more reliable, sustainable and cost-effective solution in the long term.

We offer a complete solar solution for your home and business, making it convenient and cheap for both electricians and direct customers to adopt solar into their own lives, especially at such a critical time in both our national and global history. The move away from coal into renewables is a complicated issue, but global research into renewables is confident that the benefits of shifting will make the initial investment well worth it.

With the introduction of the carbon tax and investments into renewable energy being as much as 50% cheaper, the time to make the switch is now. Solar energies consume far fewer natural resources than coal and are substantially less harmful to our fragile environment overall. Additionally, the switch could not be easier with our solar kits which are prewired with an inverter, AC breakers, transfer switch, DC fuses and a PV isolator.

At Voltex Bloemfontein, we challenge all businesses and households in Bloem to make the switch to solar, with help from us, to help ensure a greener future and more dependable power source for our beloved city and the nation as a whole.

Visit Voltex Bloemfontein at 2-8 Hornby Street, Oranjesig or give us a call on 051 505 0700 for great solar specials. Valid 1st of October until 31st October 2019 or until stocks last. T’s and C’s apply.


Your electrical partner in Polokwane

No matter the size of a business or how involved its individual needs are, as your electrical experts we offer energy solutions to a wide range of consumers. We are Voltex in Polokwane and we’re here to help you with the perfect electrical solution for your unique requirements. Our team is highly trained and works tirelessly to provide our customers with the solutions they need.

We understand that every project and situation is different. What may work for one company surely won’t work for another. From the largest businesses looking for highly specialised large-scale solutions, to individuals looking for simple household items and products, Voltex is uniquely able to cater to both, easily and effectively. We are confident in our ability to provide the most personalised service through sustained, helpful communication and custom-fitted solutions.

From industrial equipment and tools for large scale projects like generators to the smallest wiring and light fitting details in office spaces – we can effectively and efficiently deliver all power generation equipment a business needs to function and operate successfully.

Mining operations and similar industries that are situated far from cities and towns can greatly benefit already. The amount of different industries we assist in Polokwane is extremely vast, but includes the agricultural, mining, manufacturing, construction, wholesale, electrical and communication sectors, amongst others.

Contractors in the area already greatly benefit from collaboration with the Voltex Polokwane branch. From turnkey electrical solutions and installations to invaluable advice and assistance for all electrical needs, we strive to ensure excellent customer service and are dedicated to our goal of being the best one-stop-shop in all related fields.

Voltex Polokwane assists with power generation efforts at all levels with a variety of products and services. We also cater to a large variety of markets including retail divisions, municipalities and contractors. Our range and our reach within the area allows us to provide high quality services for as many projects as possible. Our range of solutions is as vast and varied as our staff, no matter the issue, we have someone who can help right away.

From remote mining and agricultural operations that require renewable energy solutions to high tech office scenarios and everything in between, our dedicated staff can assist with all energy related needs.

The Voltex in Polokwane branch is well situated to provide the highest levels service to the areas’ numerous Game reserves, hunting lodges and bushveld resorts. We pride ourselves on our ability to give or customers a turnkey solution.

Voltex is strategically situated, no matter where your business is in the country. No matter the size or scope, we are here to help you every step of the way, providing you with quality expertise and complete solutions.


Optimise Profits and Productivity with the IPI Blackbox Series

It’s no secret that the productivity of any business depends on reliable power networks. Whether you’re in the IT sector or the manufacturing sector, most modern-day job responsibilities depend on specific technologies and software for optimal outputs. Being without power is simply not viable.

That’s why Impact Power Innovations is constantly making strides to improve the energy environment, optimize efficiencies and assist in making your professional and industrial environment as conducive to productivity as possible. As an authorized representative of Elspec Power Quality Engineering Services and Products, they can provide the highest quality solutions to South Africa and surrounding areas. With them you can find tailor made strategies and solutions that facilitate sustainable and efficient electrical use in a wide range of industries.

The IPI Blackbox series is the premier power quality analysis tool for most major manufacturers and plants. Consisting of the patented PQZIP compression algorithm, the power quality analysers give users the ability to easily predict, prevent and troubleshoot issues without the need to set up triggers or thresholds to capture a specific event.

The G4500 portable power quality analyser specifically is designed to ensure you never miss a power quality event. Tailored for use by site engineers, electrical consultants and utilities, the G4500 is guaranteed to give the most accurate results and expert analysis every time. It’s easy to set up, includes plug-and-play functionality and can be connected to remotely. With up to 32TB of storage space, an entire years’ worth of data can be stored within the device. This enormous amount of stored information can then be used and analysed to find the root causes of any and all power quality issues.

With continuous waveform recording, supreme trend resolution and extended harmonic recording, the Blackbox series is a threshold-free setup solution that is easy to deploy. Additionally, the range includes the Digital Fault Recorder, the PureBB single and 3 phase handheld device, and the G4k portable and fixed device. All devices promise accurate data anywhere, anytime.

The DFR is a phasor measurement unit with power quality monitoring and sequence of event recoding abilities. It provides dynamic system monitoring and impedance-based fault location. For a more portable solution, the PureBB is a handheld device that requires no setup and is an easy, plug-and-play solution that comes with a mini SD card for data reading and saving. The more robust G4k device is available in 256, 512 and 1024 samples per cycle as a fixed meter with additional upgradable IO modules and has dual AC or DC power supply abilities.

All the devices boast a single, easy to use interface that acquires, processes and stores recorded data through a variety of communication protocols and file formats. They offer email, SMS and pop-up notifications as per preconfigured scenarios, along with comprehensive data visualization using unique chart sets and reports.

Impact Power Innovations provides the transition from establishing Power Quality consequence and cost baselines into real financial value through Power Quality Measurement Solutions and Technologies. Streamline the power control and analysis process in your industry and manufacturing plant by adopting the IPI Blackbox series and ultimately enjoy the benefits of optimal productivity and protected revenue.


Voltex in partnership with Namibia

From the highest in command to the humblest team member, the entire Voltex division in Namibia works tirelessly to offer a complete solution to all its valued customers. No matter how big or small the business and its individual needs, as the experts we offer energy solutions to the widest range of consumers. From the largest businesses looking for highly specialised large-scale solutions, to individuals looking for simple household items and products, Voltex is uniquely situated to cater to both, easily and effectively. With an established, country wide calling cycle and regular customer visits, we strive to provide the most personalised service through sustained, helpful communication.

Mining is one of the biggest sectors in the country and there is so much Voltex does to service the many large and successful mining operations within it. From large industrial equipment like generators to the smallest wiring and light fitting details in office spaces – Voltex can and does effectively and efficiently deliver the power generation equipment a business needs to function and operate successfully.

Even the most remote businesses and homesteads can benefit from the range and service Voltex has to offer. Mining operations and similar industries that are situated far from cities and towns can and do greatly benefit already. Namibia’s hot dry climate and abundant sunshine for over 300 days per year make it an ideal spot to harness the energy of the sun. Up to 2,200 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per square metre annually are recorded in the country.

With a keen eye on a renewable energy future that neatly complements its natural conditions for both solar and wind power, plans from the state-run utility to build and maintain green power plants represent a great opportunity for all businesses in the area to consider the switch as well. Currently, Namibia relies on its neighbours for a large portion of its power. Recognising this need is the first step in a much larger process that will take time to fully adopt and realise. In the meantime, many businesses can easily and affordably supplement these efforts by choosing to install renewable solutions in their own businesses.

Voltex naturally offers complete solutions for turning businesses of all shapes and sizes into green energy users. No matter the size or scope, Voltex is here to help with all green energy projects, providing quality expertise and complete solutions. Over three branches, we cater to a large variety of markets including retail divisions, municipalities and contractors. Our range of products is also extensive. This range and our reach within the country allows us to touch many lives and provide high quality services for as many projects as possible

From the largest operations to the smallest individual needs, including light commercial companies, industrial operations and individual needs, Voltex is here to stay in Namibia and is determined to assist the country with all its energy related needs. Our reach already extends through the country’s many local municipalities, town councils and all the way up the electrical supply chain to NamPower. We assist power generation efforts at all levels large and small.

Where power is not guaranteed, we offer products and services that are designed specifically to keep the lights on and electronic devices working as they should. The variety of situations where you can find Voltex products is vast. We have solutions for sensitive electrical equipment such as server rooms and delicate electrical devices all the way to energy for remote industrial settings. Additionally, we offer installation as part of the sale, or in some cases, assistance with commissioning through a preferred installer.

For all electrical needs, big or small, We at Voltex strive to ensure excellent customer service and are dedicated to our goal of being the best one-stop-shop in all related fields.


Empowered Women Illuminate the Power Industry

Women’s Day 2019 marks 63 years since the heroic Women’s March of 1956, in which 20,000 women marched to the Union Buildings in Pretoria in protest of apartheid pass laws. Forming part of a greater worldwide call for female empowerment and equality, South Africa, and the world, have seen great strides being made to uplift and empower women and integrate women more fairly and holistically into the working environment.

Since 1956, women have come to account for around 43,8% of total employment, 32% of managerial positions and 47,6% of employment in the informal sector in South Africa . While this shows acceleration in the movement towards equality in the work place, which is worth celebrating as much as the bravery displayed by our female forerunners in the March of 1956, there is still more room for growth and improvement.

In industries that have historically been perceived as male-orientated and male-dominant, women have started carving out a place for themselves, courageously going against the grain of traditional perceptions and actively pursuing their own successes within these previously restrictive industries. One such industry is the power industry. For the greater part of history, men have been more widely recognised for their competencies in the fields of science and mathematics, which lead to the widely-held belief that your more “intelligent” areas of study were better suited to men, whereas your more emotive-, creative- and domestic-orientated areas of study were exclusively for women. Luckily, women have begun to freely and confidently defy these perceptions, leading to an increase in female scientists and engineers, meaning a greater female presence in scientific and engineering-orientated industries. That’s not to mention the influx of female managers and business leaders who handle everyday operational responsibilities that were previously assigned exclusively to men.

We at Voltex have experienced first-hand this shift in the tides, with many of our operational, manufacturing and managerial staff being educated and empowered women, taking a stand against gender-restricted career practices and showing just how capable and insightful women employees can be in more industrious, male-orientated sectors. Indeed, the efforts made in educating, uplifting and equipping women over the last few decades are really starting to yield powerful results in the form of independent, empowered women ready to take any industry by storm.

While we are proud of how far we’ve come as a nation, of how women have started to shift perceptions and create new norms, and of how much more equal the working world has become overall, we know that this is just the beginning. Empowered women make for more empowered women as each and every one makes their voice heard in industries that previously disregarded them, meaning that it is just a matter of time before industries, such as the power industry, start seeing a massive influx of female employees and within just a few years, the new norm of having an equally representative workforce will be established. With such a bright future ahead, we can hardly wait to see what waves women will be making next.