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Smart heating solutions this winter with Voltex’s infrared heaters

Winter is approaching and what better way to warm up than with Voltex’s range of indoor and outdoor infrared heaters for the home and hospitality industries. Voltex, a leading electrical solutions supplier in South Africa with a branch and distribution network countrywide, has a wide range of infrared heaters that will not only keep you warm this winter, but are energy efficient and will allow you to bask in ‘sunlight-like’ rays.

When we talk about smart and modern ways of heating during this winter season mentioning infrared heaters is a must. These novel heaters are growing in popularity and are known to be a more effective and efficient alternative to gas, oil and convection heaters.

Why use infrared heaters?
Simply put, for a cheap and eco-friendly heating method, these heaters should be your go-to this winter. Infrared heating compared to other types of heating is characterised by a better energy rationalisation, and therefore lower costs and zero emissions.

These heaters instantly warm all necessary objects and surfaces in a room, thereby optimally using the heat produced. They do not create bothersome air recirculation, and above all, do not produce carbon monoxide or burn oxygen, making the heated environment healthier.

Infrared heating is one of the trendiest heating methods out there as they are ideal for keeping all the pleasure of efficient heating, while still respecting the environment, which according to Voltex is a huge step forward.

Along with that, they are more economical compared to gas vertical mushroom heaters and are unaffected by the wind. This has significant cost saving on your electricity. There is no gas burning smell, as it’s clean and odourless. Furthermore, the vertical gas heaters take a long time to warm up a room and the gas heat also gets lost once a door opens or in windy type conditions.

Voltex’s infrared heaters also have a 9000-hour lamp life and are virtually maintenance free. The range comes in various wattages (1500W and 2000W) and there is also a 1500W stainless steel all-weather-proof home infrared heater for coastal regions.

The home range of infrared heaters can cover between 12-16 square metres in insulated areas, while in an uninsulated area, the heat generated by the infrared heaters can reach up to 10-12 square metres. The range also includes an 850W bathroom infrared heater which is IP65 certified (splash proof) as well as patio heaters.
Furthermore, the range of restaurant and patio infrared heaters are commonly used for indoor and outdoor heating in restaurants, coffee bars or entertainment areas. Its indoor infrared restaurant heater range cover up to 16m, while outdoors the heaters cover up to 12m.

Voltex acquired Technilamp in 2016, who specialise in infrared and ultraviolet lamps, general and specialised lamps, and related equipment. Technilamp carry the widest range and the largest stock of these lamps in South Africa, and distribute nationwide.

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Voltex Home Solar Kits – A complete Green Energy Solution

The Voltex Group strives to be at the forefront of technology developments and to harness its breadth of expertise to deliver the latest electrical innovations to its customers that are affordable, accessible and sustainable.

One area of energy efficiency which has undergone significant advancements in terms of cost of technology and ease of application is Solar Power. By means of large scale consolidation in the production of solar panels, which are made from silicon, solar energy has become far more mainstream than 10 years ago.

Solar power is without doubt the most sustainable, clean and reliable form of renewable energy which can be used in several forms to help power your home or business. An increase in demand for sustainable energy solutions has been driven by a consciousness of the environment and a need for greener, more sustainable energy alternatives. South Africa also has one of the highest solar irradiation levels in the world, so it goes without saying that it is the wise choice to go green. With no moving parts, solar panels generate electricity directly from the sun’s rays and can last for up to 25 years. The cost of solar power is now far more accessible with costs dropping significantly to approximately R1 per kWh in comparison to Eskom’s average domestic tariff which has risen to R1.92 per kWh.

Recognising this increased demand for complete solar systems, the Voltex Group has launched the Voltex Home SOLAR (VHS) Kit. This kit offers a complete solution for electrical contractors wishing to provide an efficient domestic installation and is an affordable option for the homeowner.

Typically, a domestic installation requires an assessment to be done by the installer, who then designs the solar power solution. The challenge comes with sourcing the various pieces of equipment which are not always readily available at competitive prices. Ultimately, the client incurs the added costs of this time-consuming process.

The VHS Kits have been specifically designed to overcome many of these challenges making Green Energy a reality for home owners. These kits provide an efficient method for electrical contractors to deliver accurate quotations by eliminating the variable costs of the components.

The 5kw VHS Kit comes complete with 15 x 265 Watt solar Panels. This is enough to charge the battery as well as supplying power to some of the equipment during the day. At night the battery will supply power to the fridge, TV and lights for up to 8 hours thereby reducing your demand from your current utility provider. In the event of a power failure, the system will simply continue to provide power from the battery as if there is a power supply from your current utility provider.

The VHS Kits come complete with everything required to provide a complete installation.

Voltex supplies the backboard that is prewired with an inverter, AC breakers, transfer switch, DC fuses and a PV isolator. The prewired backboard greatly reduces installation time and allows for easy connection to the rest of the system.

The 5kW VHS (Voltex Home Solar) Kit comprises of:

  • 260W tier 1 solar panels
  • Highest grade aluminum mounting structure
  • Pre-wired combiner box
  • 5kW inverter pre-wired to battery fuses, PV isolator, AC breakers and transfer switch
  • WM4 male and female connectors
  • Solar cable
  • 4000W LiFePO4 battery

The PV Modules, with power ratings ranging from at 265 Wp, come with a 10 year product guarantee and a 25 year performance guarantee. The high performance Poly-Crystalline Modules are designed for on-grid as well as off-grid applications with a positive power tolerance and highly reliable anti-reflective coated glass.

The VHS Kits are also available in standard 3kW and 4kW systems and can be custom made to suit individual requirements. Regardless of your solar requirements, Voltex has a variety of products to meet your project needs.

The sun provides more energy than we will ever need, making solar power the perfect choice for renewable energy. Using solar energy in South Africa, rather than obtaining energy from fossil fuels, offers a number of benefits to our natural environment. With no greenhouse gas emissions being released into the atmosphere, there is less air and water pollution which in turn is beneficial to both the planet and to our health.

Solar energy – Make the right choice and go green.

Voltex App

Voltex launches updated App

No more FOMO! Voltex’s updated mobile app for electrical contractors now with new exciting features.


First in the industry to create a mobile App especially for busy electrical contractors, Voltex has now improved and updated the App to include some exciting new features. There’s a branch locator, a catalogue, links to social channels, product specials, new products, and notifications – all designed to keep clients up-to-date with all the latest offerings from Voltex – their supplier of choice.

Branch Locator

No matter where you are, the App will show a map view of all the Voltex branches in your vicinity. It even shows you the closest branch along with the address, contact number, the branch manager’s name and email address and a list of product categories available from that branch.


Looking for a specific item? The App shows a list of product categories and, with just a click or tap, you will see exactly which Voltex branches stock the item that you’re looking for – saving you valuable time and money.

Social Channels

Now you can see a live feed of what Voltex is saying on Facebook or Twitter and all the new videos that have been uploaded to YouTube.

Product Specials

Stay informed about product specials at Voltex stores nationwide – click or tap to see what’s on offer – such as generators and Kennede rechargeable lanterns to keep you going during load shedding.

New Products

Be the first to know about any new products available from Voltex – and have all the latest information at your fingertips!


This new feature alerts you when anything new is added to the App, keeping you in the loop so you don’t miss a thing!

Android and iOS

The Voltex App is optimized for Android and iOS – simply find it on Google Play or the Apple App store and download Voltex’s new mobile App today.



Electronic Motor Protection Relay – Real-Time, High Reliability Motor Protection

LSis has a new range of EMPR units that can replace existing thermal overload relays for low voltage motor protection. These new EMPR’s are highly reliable by the implementation of real-time data processing with high precision. They have various built-in functions such as phase loss, phase reverse, unbalanced phases, motor stall, motor lock, ground fault and short circuit protection. The EMPR is compact and can be combined with the Metasol magnetic contactor. The EMPR is EMC tested and approved to operate safely without any malfunction caused by electromagnetic interference and surges.

There are three types and include the General Motor Protection relay (GMP) which indicates fault conditions via LED’s. The Digital Motor Protection relay (DMP) which uses a digital fault display and the top of the range being the Intelligent Motor Protection relay (IMP), which has an integrated digital or separate digital fault display (with cable option) and has the following unique features:

  1. A wide current setting range (0.125~100A) with an option of internal or external CT’s.
  2. Communication support via RS485 (MODBUS) or standard 4-20mA analogue signal.
  3. Zero current and residual current sensing.
  4. Inverse, thermal inverse or definite time mode protection.
  5. Ground Fault Protection with wide range for sensitivity settings.
  6. Fault event storage and recovery.
  7. Can be used on inverter circuits (20-200Hz).
  8. Integrated 3-phase digital ammeter.

The new range of EMPR will give you peace of mind for protection of your plant motors.

For more information contact 011 314 0620, email:


WEIDMULLER ACT20P Pro DCDC II – let’s connect

Weidmuller excel in enabling accurate control of industrial processes. Their ACT20P-Pro DCDC II high performance module provides precise isolation and conversion of analogue current and voltage signals, ensuring smooth process operation in many widely varying industrial applications from machine construction to energy technology.

Look at some of the many advantages of this innovative Weidmuller poduct.

Just 12.5 mm wide on a DIN-rail mounted housing, its simple and intuitive integrated display is used to configure the module. Alternatively DIP switches can be used.

A wide range of applications is served as the module can measure, isolate and convert signals from a range of ± 300 V DC or ± 100 Ma.

Flexible supply range from 24 V UC to 230 V UC ensures compatibility in many diverse applications.

Secure operation is guaranteed with high levels of galvanic isolation to 4 kV  (600 V rated voltage ).

Keyed plugs are individually configured to prevent wire connection problems.

The Weidmuller ACT20P-PRO DCDC II is the ideal choice for companies seeking a flexible and universal input analogue device. In more than 80 countries the Weidmuller Group live up to the maxim ‘Let’s connect’ with innovative and sustainable solutions for their customers.

Voltex ARK

Voltex ARK

Voltex embarks on the ARK (Acts of Random Kindness) Campaign

Voltex is a company that prides itself on making a difference to the world of energy and the sustainable use thereof and undertakes this through its various product development initiatives. However, the foundation of a company’s existence lies within the communities in which it operates and making a positive impact needs to encompass not only its operational objectives but also those of the communities in which it operates and who ultimately contribute to its success.

Voltex therefore jumped at the opportunity to become involved with the ARK Campaign (Acts of Random Kindness) which is founded on the principle that each and every one of us

“Can Change the World for Good”. There was immediate synergy with the purpose and intention of this cause. Furthermore Voltex was drawn to the fact that this campaign inspires its’ employees participation and gives them the freedom to select recipients within their immediate communities.

Voltex will be distributing 2500 ARKs, which are the yellow ark-shaped charity boxes, to its branches nationwide and encouraging the Voltex Group Employees to assist in “Changing the World for Good” by filling an ark and giving it to a person or group that could really use an Act of Random Kindness. This initiative is not compulsory but Voltex believes that the inherent generous nature of its staff and their desire to make a difference will ensure that each and every one of the 2500 arks are filled and given to someone to make a positive impact on their lives.

To kick start the charity drive Voltex will be placing a few coins into each of the 2500 arks before distributing these to their branches during August. Voltex are proud to be associated with a cause that aims to remind people that we all have the ability and ultimately, the responsibility to make the world a better place through goodness and kindness.



MajorTech VETI

Major Tech launches VETi 2 range

Two years of development and testing has brought about the launch of Major Tech’s boast worthy VETi 2 range of switches and sockets.


Due to industry and market demand, the new VETi 2 range was intended to meet the stringent design expectations of upmarket clientele, rendering superior quality at an incredibly affordable price.


According to Pat Shaw, Major Tech CEO the VETi range was launched a couple of years ago. “The design comprised of a modular system to produce a middle-of-the-range product; it has done exceptionally well and a lot of people like it”, says Shaw. He further adds that VETi 2 not only looks different, it also works differently; one of the many things we like about this product is that it is very modern. We always aim to develop the best product that customers want and that meet South African regulations.”


VETi 2 is not your average switch and socket range but rather a completely new mono-block design that is both IEC and SANS compliant. VETi 2 is the first socket in South Africa to accommodate a switched socket with a 1 standard RSA socket, 2 V-slim sockets and 2 USB ports (2.1 amp cumulative).


Having partnered with Major Tech in the launch of VETi 2, the Voltex Group is the first distributor of electrical products to carry the complete VETi 2 range.


Stanley Green, CEO of Voltex (Pty) Ltd, believes the success of this revolutionary product is due to the excellent rapport Voltex has with its suppliers and end-users. “We continue to build solid foundations and relationships with our suppliers. For us, that is the key in growing our business.  It is vital that manufacturers pay attention to suggestions made by suppliers so that the supply and demand of custom products are introduced into the market. Of equal importance is to have loyal suppliers Voltex can rely on to pass on the expectations of end-users, and in turn they are confident that we will deliver what is needed. At the end of the day, our suppliers are in a good position to offer consumers decent prices, particularly in the difficult economic climate we currently find ourselves in.”


Available in both white and charcoal, the ultra slim and flat design keeps the VETi 2 product flush to the wall surface.  The stylish switches, manufactured from a polycarbonate and ABS blend, boasts a stylish, perfectly flat switch whether in an ON or OFF position.


Please contact your local Voltex branch for pricing or more information.


WACO and Citiq Prepaid Partnership

South Africa’s premier prepaid electricity meter and vending system provider, Citiq Prepaid, is proud to announce their partnership with WACO Industries to distribute their range of prepaid meters into the market. WACO Industries is a distributor of industrial electrical products and accessories across Southern Africa.

Citiq Prepaid has expanded Citiq as a value-added service to the real estate industry and now offers services to anyone that requires a prepaid utility collection solution, countrywide. Citiq Prepaid uses a uniquely self-developed proprietary token vending and funds recovery system. Aside from STS Association approved vending, the system provides comprehensive information management and reporting that significantly reduces the risk and complexity of utility collections for clients.

The partnership with WACO Industries makes it possible for Citiq Prepaid meters to be ordered through your nearest electrical wholesaler. Citiq Prepaid continues to offer customers the same innovative vending system as before, with the same wide payment channel options and reliable monthly payment system.

Says Michael Franze, MD of Citiq Prepaid: “WACO Industries is an industry leader in supplying the wholesale market and we are very enthusiastic about working with them.”

Contact WACO on +27 (11) 677 2500 or

to find out which electrical wholesaler close to you stocks Citiq meters.

For Citiq Prepaid support, contact our call centre on 087 55 111 55 or

Mellow Light

A Perfect Combination to Improve Productivity and Save Energy





The concept of Mellow Light is one of perception, “How to make the space appear brighter at lower levels of Illuminance.” In all modern buildings the emphasis has shifted towards “Greening”, with typical office spaces being designed at 350 to 400 lux. It is around these levels that the concept of “Mellow Light” was developed.

Our biggest challenge when designing LED fixtures for this environment, is how to eliminate the bright spots created by the SMD Device whilst allowing sufficient light through the diffusing medium. Bearing in mind that “the light you see is the light that is trapped”, this is typified by older technology LED Panel fixtures.

With light output ratios of up to 87%, Watts/meter squared/100 lux is no longer a challenge.

Lascon’s RCM – LED – 25W fixture at 350/400 lux, in a typical open-plan office environment, is less than 1W/meter squared/100 lux. Couple the above to lumen maintenance in excess of 60 000 hours (L70/F10), it is evident that Lascon LED products have exceptionally low power consumption and are also virtually maintenance-free.

If the Hubbell OMNIDTRP 2000 Sensor is added, daylight harvesting can also be incorporated into fixtures adjacent to windows, the deeper spaces controlled by presence only. Forgetting the debate over very expensive dimmable daylight harvesting systems, by comparison, Lascon’s Hubbell RP Sensors are relatively inexpensive. The one fact that no-one can argue with is that the biggest power saving achieved is “fixtures turned off”.

All Lascon luminaires are produced in South Africa.


Lesco Manufacturing on family as one essential contributor to business success

Lesco Manufacturing has been in the business of distributing electrical products and accessories for over three generations. The company is said to be on the same wavelength as its Chinese competitors. Director of Lesco Manufacturing, Jonathan Shapiro, explains how family values have contributed to business’s success.

“What is important to note is that our family values have gone from our house into our business.” — Jonathan Shapiro, Director of Lesco Manufacturing

“Each generation has to take ownership and responsibility and that is what is missing in most businesses today.” — Jonathan Shapiro, Director of Lesco Manufacturing

“With common goals between all three generations, I think that is what has given us the platform to grow our business over 60% over the last few years.” — Jonathan Shapiro, Director of Lesco Manufacturing