Tile Roof Mounting Structure

Download Tile Roof Mounting Structure Brochure


Brief overview of the flat application mounting solution:

We offer simple and versatile solutions for various types of roofs in Southern Africa. All our components have been tested and approved as compliant by South African roof manufacturers, in order to ensure that the warranties and guaranties are kept in line with the latest PV Solar Installation guidelines.The mounting structure material has been designed and manufactured with the SABS code of standard and kept in line with SANS regulations.


  • Solutions available for various types of roofs
  • Easy and quick installation
  • High quality material
  • Standard solutions for all site specifics
  • Engineered to be structurally compliant
  • Features:

  • Aluminium Structure (Alloy6063) allows for a long lifespan
  • Aluminium brackets are placed where panels are fixed
  • Stainless steel fixing components
  • Easy mechanical assembling
  • Flexible design for a better PV Solar performance
  • Instructions:

    • Set up the position of the roof brackets to align with the PV Solar panels
    • Install the roof brackets to roofs that are of the domestic tile type
    • Install the rectangular or square aluminium profile (railing) depending on the application
    • Place the PV Solar panels in position and fix them with the brackets to the aluminium profiles
    • Fix the panels with U and Z shape brackets:
    – Z shape bracket (end clamp)
    – U shape bracket (middle clamp)


    Ground Mounting Structure

    Standard Ground Mounting Structure

    Application with NO limits.

    The Ground Mounting Structure has standard structure tables which have been manufactured in 2 versions:
    • Inland Application: More than 20km from the sea (pre-galvanised material)
    • Coastal Application: Up to 20km from the sea (hot dip galvanised material)

    The Standard Ground Mounting Structure has been designed for PV Solar Panels installation on the ground which is univer- sal and suits each size panel.

    The actual installation for smaller size systems has been designed with concrete strip foundations for wind uplift resistance. Bigger sized Ground Structure systems are suitable for piling into the ground by using ramming machines for accurate and fast installations.


  • Quick to assemble
  • Standard structures suitable for all size panels
  • Compact and easy for transport
  • Custom-made solutions, based on site specifics
  • Flexible design to accommodate various options
  • Features:

  • Up to 40 meters in length
  • Flexible design for various tilting of panels
  • Resistant to wind forces up to 40m/s
  • Portrait orientation of panels
  • Engineered to be structurally compliant
  • Specifications