Smart heating solutions this winter with Voltex’s infrared heaters

Winter is approaching and what better way to warm up than with Voltex’s range of indoor and outdoor infrared heaters for the home and hospitality industries. Voltex, a leading electrical solutions supplier in South Africa with a branch and distribution network countrywide, has a wide range of infrared heaters that will not only keep you warm this winter, but are energy efficient and will allow you to bask in ‘sunlight-like’ rays.

When we talk about smart and modern ways of heating during this winter season mentioning infrared heaters is a must. These novel heaters are growing in popularity and are known to be a more effective and efficient alternative to gas, oil and convection heaters.

Why use infrared heaters?
Simply put, for a cheap and eco-friendly heating method, these heaters should be your go-to this winter. Infrared heating compared to other types of heating is characterised by a better energy rationalisation, and therefore lower costs and zero emissions.

These heaters instantly warm all necessary objects and surfaces in a room, thereby optimally using the heat produced. They do not create bothersome air recirculation, and above all, do not produce carbon monoxide or burn oxygen, making the heated environment healthier.

Infrared heating is one of the trendiest heating methods out there as they are ideal for keeping all the pleasure of efficient heating, while still respecting the environment, which according to Voltex is a huge step forward.

Along with that, they are more economical compared to gas vertical mushroom heaters and are unaffected by the wind. This has significant cost saving on your electricity. There is no gas burning smell, as it’s clean and odourless. Furthermore, the vertical gas heaters take a long time to warm up a room and the gas heat also gets lost once a door opens or in windy type conditions.

Voltex’s infrared heaters also have a 9000-hour lamp life and are virtually maintenance free. The range comes in various wattages (1500W and 2000W) and there is also a 1500W stainless steel all-weather-proof home infrared heater for coastal regions.

The home range of infrared heaters can cover between 12-16 square metres in insulated areas, while in an uninsulated area, the heat generated by the infrared heaters can reach up to 10-12 square metres. The range also includes an 850W bathroom infrared heater which is IP65 certified (splash proof) as well as patio heaters.
Furthermore, the range of restaurant and patio infrared heaters are commonly used for indoor and outdoor heating in restaurants, coffee bars or entertainment areas. Its indoor infrared restaurant heater range cover up to 16m, while outdoors the heaters cover up to 12m.

Voltex acquired Technilamp in 2016, who specialise in infrared and ultraviolet lamps, general and specialised lamps, and related equipment. Technilamp carry the widest range and the largest stock of these lamps in South Africa, and distribute nationwide.

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