Connections fit for the future

Connections fit for the future

The RockStar® ModuPlug modular connector system solves space problems by offering increased functionality with a reduced installation space, which in turn also helps keep the weight down.

Whether modular production lines for customized production, extensive wind parks connected to data storage systems or state-of-the-art means of transportation with increasing amounts of communication technology: the demands in terms of system functionality are becoming greater and more complex in all industries, while the available installation space is getting smaller rather than larger.

In the area of connector technology, this has contributed to the longstanding trend for maximum packing densities, with customers looking for more functions with less installation space. RockStar® ModuPlug addresses this demand by enabling the flexible combination of different transfer media within an application-specific interface. New and more compact inserts allow for a significantly increased functional density compared to previous solutions.

 Half the pitch size, twice the module slots

Up until now, there were two standard module widths in heavy-duty connectors: ‘Single 1.0’ and ‘Double 2.0’. We have broken away from this standard, and are opening up new dimensions with the intermediate sizes of ‘Half 0.5’ and ‘Single Plus 1.5’,” explains Hubert Palm, Product Engineer at Weidmüller. The four different module widths make for unprecedented levels of flexibility and allow for the construction of particularly space-saving connector solutions.”

One example of how the RockStar® ModuPlug makes the most of limited space conditions is the compact data module, which features the tried-and tested standardised M12 technology stripped down to the bare essentials. “Thanks to the protective function provided by the housing, we were able to leave out the threads, meaning that we could fit two circular components into a rectangular space,” says Palm, smiling, as he describes the secret behind the increased packing density. The module has space for up to two Cat-6A cables, each 10 GBit. This is setting new standards in the transfer of extremely high data rates in the smallest of spaces, meaning that the production requirements of the future are already being met today.

Users of the RockStar®ModuPlug have the option of either using more functional modules within the same installation space or having the same functions as before but with a smaller frame and housing. In addition to space savings, the latter option also helps to achieve weight savings, making it particularly suitable for applications in the fields of railway engineering and wind energy.

Set up a space-saving configuration now!

Design your customised connector combination with the selection assistant for the RockStar®ModuPlug:

Intelligent use of installation space


The clearances and creepage distances required for the transfer of 100 amps can easily be accommodated in the new “Single Plus 1.5” module width, and in just three-quarters of the installation space previously required.


The integrated double module for 36 signal contacts offers a 50 % higher signal density at a measurement voltage of 250 V compared to fixed-pole standard inserts.


The compact high-speed bus module receives both megabit and gigabit data inserts, and allows for the integration of up to two Cat-6 A cables in one module, each with A 10 GBit.

Good bye, waste of space: the half pitch size makes twice the number of module slots available

Let’s connect to the future

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