Electronic Motor Protection Relay – Real-Time, High Reliability Motor Protection

LSis has a new range of EMPR units that can replace existing thermal overload relays for low voltage motor protection. These new EMPR’s are highly reliable by the implementation of real-time data processing with high precision. They have various built-in functions such as phase loss, phase reverse, unbalanced phases, motor stall, motor lock, ground fault and short circuit protection. The EMPR is compact and can be combined with the Metasol magnetic contactor. The EMPR is EMC tested and approved to operate safely without any malfunction caused by electromagnetic interference and surges.

There are three types and include the General Motor Protection relay (GMP) which indicates fault conditions via LED’s. The Digital Motor Protection relay (DMP) which uses a digital fault display and the top of the range being the Intelligent Motor Protection relay (IMP), which has an integrated digital or separate digital fault display (with cable option) and has the following unique features:

  1. A wide current setting range (0.125~100A) with an option of internal or external CT’s.
  2. Communication support via RS485 (MODBUS) or standard 4-20mA analogue signal.
  3. Zero current and residual current sensing.
  4. Inverse, thermal inverse or definite time mode protection.
  5. Ground Fault Protection with wide range for sensitivity settings.
  6. Fault event storage and recovery.
  7. Can be used on inverter circuits (20-200Hz).
  8. Integrated 3-phase digital ammeter.

The new range of EMPR will give you peace of mind for protection of your plant motors.

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