Enjoy an insect-free summer with Voltex

Summer storms and warm weather being out swarms of insects that can be highly annoying and potentially unsanitary. Nobody wants a moth or fly to land up in their drink when sitting outside and enjoying time outdoors. And it’s even worse when the bugs get inside your home! If you haven’t already, get yourself an insect killer to keep away the insects that plague the South African summer season.

Simply buying an insect killer isn’t enough – where you place the device matters and can make a huge difference to your life. Make the most of your shiny new indoor insect killer this season by following some simple tips and tricks.

Position your insect killer carefully. Make sure it’s not visible from outside so you don’t inadvertently invite more insects in! Keep the bugs out and only kill the unlucky ones who find their way inside your home. Insects fly at an average height of 1.5-2.5m, make the most of this fact by positioning your traps and killers around this height.

Keep your traps away from other light sources to increase their effectiveness and ensure that the insects find the trap and not harmless light fixtures. The best place for your fly killer should be between the most likely point of entry in your home, and the food. Inside and above doors is a great place to position as insects are lured away from kitchens and food areas without being invited into you home.

You can increase you traps effectiveness even further by securing all waste far away from kitchens and keeping your space as clean as possible. The added benefit of this is that routine cleaning also helps to reduce the likelihood of other pests such as rats and mice.

Now that you’re an insect killing expert, use this information to keep your home and your life bug-free all summer long. If you don’t have an amazing insect killer yet, they’re on special during the Voltex 3-Phase sale! Hurry and get one for your home or business before its too late, an insect-free stoep is well worth any price.