There’s a new digital multimeter that just landed in South Africa, offering cutting-edge versatility currently unseen in its price range. The UNI-T® UT89X redefines what a voltage tester is, boasting an array of handy features that make the job of an electrical contractor a whole lot easier. Voltex, leading supplier of electrical accessories and Bidvest Group subsidiary, has been appointed the exclusive distributor of the ground-breaking UNI-T UT89X digital multimeter in South Africa.

Issues faced by electrical professionals

Most electrical professionals deal with multimeter-related issues from time to time. Voltage testers have come a long way since the first galvanometer was introduced to the electrical industry in 1820, gaining greater accuracy and power efficiency with battery-powered and digital display technologies. However, few modern multimeters come close to the UT89X in terms of practical functionality.

Issues electrical contractors face daily range from multimeter test leads getting worn out, to unlit display screens rendering testing in poor light a challenge; and when testing at night, a built-in torch would make a world of difference. With these and other challenges in mind, UNI-T has designed a powerhouse multimeter that is as affordable as it is versatile.

A modern measurement solution

The UNI-T UT89X solves the above challenges and offers added functionality for ease of use. This double injection-moulded digital voltage tester features a dual indicating system, with the traditional display screen and an added front-facing LED light to indicate voltage status. Instead of testers having to look at their multimeter to see if there’s power, the UT89X beeps to notify that it has picked up an electrical current – so multimeter users can keep their eyes on what they’re doing.

The latest multimeter from UNI-T boasts true RMS count of 6000, with dual range NVC testing that quickly identifies neutral and live through the front-facing LED. The UT89X is ranged at 1000 V AC/DC to 20 A AC/DC, and the on-board transistor charge testing comes in handy when working on circuit boards.

Made to measure comfort & versatility

Designed with improved ergonomics in mind, the UNI-T UT89X feels comfortable to hold in both hands. With the bright backlit display screen, the UT89X renders struggling to see in poor light a thing of the past. The built-in test probe holders, usefully located on the back of the unit, negate the need for cable wrapping (which damages test leads faster), and the test lead shrouds are long enough to ensure a secure connection to the multimeter.

The central selector switch is rubberised for comfort of use, and there’s a convenient fold-away back stand for when working while sitting down. The UNI-T UT89X is encased in a robust, flame-retardant shell, and is drop-proof up to a height of one metre. By introducing the UT89X, UNI-T has made access to high-quality digital multimeters more affordable in South Africa. UNI-T’s latest UT89X Digital Multimeter is available at Voltex branches countrywide.

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