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Atlas Group


The Atlas Group is a significant stockist and distributor of large mains, bells, communication, overhead cables and general wires as well as overhead line hardware and accessories and general lead wire and products associated with electrical distribution.

Based in Alrode, Gauteng, the new Atlas Group premises, which exceed 30 000m², allow for optimised distribution and warehousing of our wide product ranges.

Atlas Group typically holds in excess of R150-million in stock, making it ideally positioned to supply customer demand with a short turnaround time, using the company’s own crane trucks to transport or deliver orders.

All products carried by Atlas are SABS approved and overhead line hardware is Eskom certified. Atlas also has a range of Eskom-standard products for export purposes.


Atlas Group offers electrical power cables, distribution and reticulation material and complementary equipment. Included in the offering are power cables, ACSR, XLPE, ECC, ABC, Airdac, and a wide range of cable accessories such as joint kits, glands, lugs, ferrules, cable cutters and crimpers.

Associated accessories include prepaid meters and STS bases, ready boards, pole-top boxes, meter kiosks, distribution class transformers, surge arrestors, drop-out fuse switches and isolators, wire-formed products, insulators, galvanised steel fittings and brackets, cross-arms, stay assemblies, safety equipment, tools, testers, ladders, transformers, mini-subs and many other products.


Atlas Group distributes nationally through the electrical wholesale network as well as selected large electrical contractors, municipalities, mines, construction and the agricultural sector

The Atlas premises allows for optimised distribution and warehousing of both product ranges. The property exceeds 30,000m². Atlas Group +27 11 864 5255 | www.voltex.co.za

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Cabmed, a division of Cabstrut, specialises in:

  • Installation and servicing of all medical gas outlets and machinery in wards, theatres, casualty and plant rooms;
  • Maintenance and installation of all medical gas manifolds and plant room machinery;
  • Laboratory gas installations and maintenance;
  • Supply and installation of hospital lighting and unique hospital bedhead units.


Cabstrut products are available through all Voltex distribution branches. Cabstrut distributes from nine branches in the main centres of South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. Specific target markets include electrical distributors, OEMs, municipalities and large industrial, mining, commercial and residential contractors.

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Cabstrut is the only reticulation management, strut and mechanical support systems company producing SABS approved products that are also ISO 9001 certified.


Exclusive agent and distributor for Execuduct, Platinum, Jupiter and Eubiq in Africa. Power Tracks and Reticulation Products:

These include Eubiq power track, aluminium, steel and PVC power skirting, utility poles, flush and under-screed floor reticulation, wall reticulation and enclosures, as well as a range of specially designed accessories such as switches and sockets from Crabtree, Schneider, Veti and Thynk.

Mechanical and Industrial Support Systems:

Mechanical products include strut systems such as Ultrastrut, channels, cantilever arms, air conditioning support sets, pipe and cable clamps, threaded rod, fasteners and anchors, structural steel, Gripple wire-hanger systems, CabClip products, wire and perforated cable trays, light, medium, and heavy-duty cable ladders, PVC mini cable line and slotted trunking, PVC and steel conduit and accessories, and a large range of wiring duct.

+27 11 622 8633 | www.cabstrut.co.za

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EMS Invirotel Energy Management (Pty) Ltd


Invirotel was established in 2011 to cater for the growing need in smart energy management solutions and to pursue innovations in the green technology sector. Today the company is a distributor of smart electrical meters with specific skills in software development and management solutions to create a niche reporting and monitoring output, which allows customers to have full visibility and understanding of electrical consumption.

Invirotel specialises in the following:

  • Smart meter management;
  • Profiling;
  • Portfolio management;
  • Demand side management;
  • Savings and recoveries;
  • Vending management;
  • Billing management;
  • Analysis;
  • Reporting.


Invirotel has three main target markets: municipalities, commercial, and the owners/managers of tenanted buildings. Invirotel products are available at selected Voltex Distribution stores

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Phambili Interface, acquired by Voltex in 2014, is the exclusive distributor of Weidmuller connectivity and interface products in the areas of Industrial Automation, Process Automation and Transportation. German engineered quality interface products include terminal blocks and accessories, heavy duty connectors, PCB connectors, right up to the innovative Push In type terminals.

Electronic products include analogue and digital signal conditioners, power supplied, surge protection, opto couplers and a wide range of relays.

Installation products include printers and poloter systems for wire and cable markers including different markers, cable preparation tools and accessories.

Fieldbus components include Profibus DP and PA T pieces and cables and many SAI integrators and accessories for various bus systems.

Industrial Ethernet products and accessories include media converters, managed and unmanaged switches and all cables and interface plugs.

Remote IO Products include converters for Profinet, Profibus DP Ethernet IP and Modbus plus all types of remote IO cards for analogue, digital, relays and power interfaces. Phambili Interface also carry a range of enclosures including those for hazardous areas, which are available in a standard or custom assembly format.

Other third party products include Pfannenberg cooling units and slotted trunking by Bocchoitti, Interflex conduit systems, Alfra cutting and punching tools and Shrinktek heat shrink products.

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Solid State Power (Pty) Ltd


Solid State Power (Pty) Ltd was registered in May 2008 as a joint venture company between its founders and The Bidvest Group. Within a relatively short time, Solid State Power has developed and manufactured a local range of innovative products to become a leading supplier to the private and public sectors in energy saving and alternative energy products and solutions.

The energy crisis in South Africa and the power shortage has created a growing demand for Solid State Power products and plans are afoot to expand the local manufacturing arm of the business.

The wide range of products fall under different energy efficient categories, which can save up to 80% energy in the correct environment, such as its unique solar geysers, digital temperature controllers for geysers, air conditioning controllers, solar lighting units, Uninterrupted Power Systems (UPS) and a large range of LED light sources and fixtures. Solid State Power’s SOLO integrated geyser is a unique and patented product that produces low pressure and is a non-electrical geyser that is ideal for low-cost housing or for replacing or enhancing existing electrical geyser structures, under certain conditions.

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Versalec Cables



Versalec Cables supplies an extensive range of low voltage to high voltage electrical cables, overhead conductors, service connections and instrumentation cables.


Contractors, consulting engineers and developers involved in low to high voltage electrical reticulation projects, as well as Eskom subsidiaries responsible for Power Station upgrades.

Versalec Cables also supplies contractors involved in mining projects outside the borders of South Africa.

+27 11 314 0220 | www.versalec.co.za

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Voltex Lighting


A lighting and energy solutions developer and provider specialising in the design, manufacture, marketing and distribution of commercial and industrial luminaries and energysaving devices, Voltex Lighting also specialises in energy-saving projects, audits and large lighting design projects.

The primary design and solution offices are located in Johannesburg and Cape Town.


  • Lascon: Design and supply of architectural, commercial and industrial lighting solutions and lighting management systems, providing energy efficient concepts and applications.
  • Ligman: Outdoor lighting solutions, bulkheads, post-tops and decorative exterior luminaires
  • Hubbell: Occupancy control, daylight switching, industrial and commercial occupancy/energy management.


The company liaises with architects, consulting and electrical engineers and interior designers to promote, educate and specify their product offering.

Voltex Lighting products and services are used for commercial, industrial, residential and retail lighting installations from small offices to large commercial sites and warehouses. The company also has inclusive products for mining applications.

The products are distributed into the commercial and industrial markets, via the Voltex branch network (please refer to branch listing at the back of the document) and to electrical contractors on specific projects.


Voltex Lighting’s, lighting engineers can assist clients in identifying inefficient energy and electricity usage by conducting energy audits and monitoring savings of proposed solutions. Specialising in large commercial and industrial lighting, with custom designs that incorporate the latest technology, our team will create the most energy-efficient solutions for customers, using tools such as daylight harvesting occupancy sensors - designed around optimisation of power and consumption - while ensuring compliance with the SANS 10114-1:2005 and OHASA standards.

+27 11 879 2500 | www.voltexlighting.co.za

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Voltex LSis


Voltex LSis holds the sole agency of LS Industrial Systems, part of the LG Group - a Korean based manufacturer of switchgear and motor control products - in Southern Africa. The company is ISO 9001 certified.


This electrical range includes miniature circuit breakers, moulded case circuit breakers, air circuit breakers, motor manual starters, contactors, resin core transformers, star delta panels as well as a variety of other products.

Voltex LSis can also deliver pre-populated distribution boards as well as ready boards made up to customer requirements.

All products meet local requirements and standards such as IECs, SABS and Marine Certified.

All LSis products are available through all Voltex Distribution branches.

+27 11 314 0620 | www.voltex.co.za

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Voltex MV/LV Solutions


Established in 2003 and integrated in 2014 with the Voltex Group, Voltex MV/LV Solutions provides tailor-made manufacturing products and services, which are directly sold to the end user.

Voltex MV/LV Solutions has a central focus in the production of LV/MV Panels and Switchgear, Variable Speed Drives, Motor Control Centres, Distribution Boards, Mini-Subs, Standby Generators and Specialised Assemblies. Voltex MV/LV Solutions is able to use specified components that meet consumer needs - flexible lead times, custom design by application, design for cost-efficient manufacturing, flexible delivery schedules and general business solution initiatives.

Key Local and International Industries in which Voltex MV/LV Solutions is involved:

  • Construction
  • Residential Estates
  • Industrial Plants
  • International Projects
  • Mines
  • Manufacturing

All products and services are IEC and SABS certified and tailored specifically for end users.



All LV/MV Panels and Switchboards, Motor Control Centres and Distribution Systems are fully type tested and adhere to SANS 10142-1, SANS 1473-1 and SANS 60439-1. All panels are pre-painted, baked with an epoxy powder coating and are fitted with a Styrene-Butadien Rubber gasket to all doors and covers. Labels are securely fastened by screws; and quality is strictly controlled by documentation and supervision.

Mechanical Workshop

The Voltex MV/LV Solutions mechanical workshop comprises:

  • Heat Pump System (Piping, Design and Installation);
  • Steel Structures (Frames, Tank Stands, etc.);
  • Piping Systems;
  • Air Conditioning and Air-Handling Units;
  • Compressed Air; and,
  • Oil and Coal-Fired boilers.


Voltex MV/LV Solutions specialises in the design, manufacture, installation, commission and maintenance of power generation products. Voltex MV/LV offers Standard and Automatic mains failure control systems and Sound Attenuation of Generator Set rooms and Enclosures.

Since Voltex MV/LV Solutions has a fully-equipped, in-house generator test bay in which all equipment has undergone relevant testing and procedures, products are fully compliant to meet consumer satisfaction and industry requirements.

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Voltex Smart Solutions


Voltex Smart Solutions (VSS) is a leading manufacturer of lighting poles and acrylic post top lighting fixtures. The company’s mission is to design and manufacture a range of superior lighting products locally, for distribution nationally and internationally. VSS became part of the Voltex group in 2013 and has enabled Voltex to expand its lighting product range to better their overall solutions offering as a group.

All products are specifically engineered and designed to be used in the infrastructural and residential development spheres. The design, engineering, development and manufacturing process are effectively managed in-house. The company prides itself in offering a service that includes anything from unique designs to standard products manufactured specifically to customer requirements.

Key projects that VSS has been involved in include casinos, golf estates and shopping centres which have bespoke design requirements. VSS is capable of completing projects of different sizes and technical requirements, and continually strives to align with market trends and expand its existing product range with new designs and products.

VSS has effectively penetrated the outdoor decorative lighting market, based on price competitiveness and product quality.

VSS offers SABS-certified products at competitive prices, with dedicated customer service.

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WACO Industries


WACO has positioned itself as the ‘wholesalers’ wholesaler’, and is both a bulk importer of product as well as key distributor of, amongst others, the Philips, ABB, CCG and Allbro brands in South Africa. The company is viewed as a major supplier of light sources and has products grouped into three main divisions: General Electrical; Industrial Power and Control; and Lighting Fixtures, Lamps and Accessories.

WACO specialises in quality assembly, by bringing in components and assembling products to the South African industry requirements.

WACO branches are conveniently located near major transport routes in Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Bloemfontein. The head office, based in Cleveland, Johannesburg, has a facility in excess of 13 000m², enabling WACO to service the wholesale industry as well as, export into the wholesale industry in the Sub-Saharan African Network.


WACO’s ranges of energy-efficient products are made available through the distribution network.

General Electrical Division

General electrical and hardware products such as tools, cable accessories, air conditioners, fans, extractor fans, plugs, multiplugs, switches, sockets, door entry systems, bells, chimes, batteries, torches and time switches.

Brands include: 3M, Energizer, Gerald Joseph, Nitto, Everspring, CCG as well as in-house brands.

Industrial Power and Control Division

Industrial electrical products such as circuit breakers, switches, relays, contactors, isolators, industrial plugs and sockets, enclosures, crane and lift control switches, maintenance chemicals, terminals, alarms and sounders.

Brands include: ABB, Sälzer, ERA, Relequick, Bals, Marlanvil, CVS, Yodalarm, ELKO and CRC.

Lighting Fixtures, Lamps and Accessories

This division includes both conventional and LED products.

Brands include: Philips and WACO branded lamps, Prism lighting fixtures as well as domestic, WACO commercial and industrial lighting fixtures.

Aviation and Warning Beacons

WACO has their own priority sitelites, which apply to aviation standards and should be used on all buildings and structures in excess of 35m. Solutions are available in conventional or energyefficient technology.

WACO can assist customers in sourcing products for specific solutions and requirements.


Voltex branches are significant stockists of WACO product range. WACO’ s prime customer is the electrical distribution network. Certain specified products are distributed directly to the original equipment manufacturer by agreement.

+27 11 577 2500 | www.wacoelec.co.za

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WACO-R is a specialist manufacturer and supplier to the retail market, providing electrical, commercial and residential products directly to the customer through its close relationship with numerous national retailers. WACO-R appreciates retail dynamics, ensuring that products delivered to our clients enhance their operational abilities.


WACO-R continually sources products and services outside the electrical industry to meet the demands and needs of our customers. These include the following:

  • Made goods and services.
  • Professionally-packaged and shelf-ready electrical products inclusive of lighting, switches and sockets, wire, conduits products and accessories.

WACO-R works together with customers to create practical and innovative display and stocking stands. Merchandising functions are performed on an agreed basis with customers.


WACO-R has strategically-situated distribution hubs around the country for fast and efficient delivery, servicing the retail and hardware industries.

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We are the sole distributors of the Philips range of ultra violet and infra-red lamps. Infra-red lamps are used for heating, drying, curing, softening, ink processing, health and animal husbandry. Ultra-violet lamps are used for drying, curing, sterilization, phototherapy, photochemistry, sun tanning, security, non-destructive testing and many medical applications. We design, manufacture, install and maintain equipment and machinery employing these lamps. We have our own warehouse to ensure availability of stock.

At Technilamp we believe in taking care of the environment. We have a comprehensive environmental waste disposal system, including management of the Mercury disposal, to ensure that it is safe for not only humans but also kind to the environment. We are backed by a wealth of technical support and employ both local and international expertise to assist and advise in the application, maintenance and troubleshooting of equipment using infra-red and ultra-violet lamps.

We have an ongoing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programme to ensure that timely annual maintenance takes place.

Our lamp efficacy measurement service can be used to ensure that all fittings and installations are performing at optimal levels. All our services come with a one-year guarantee


Impact Power Innovations


Impact Power Innovations is a specialized division of Bidvest Electrical and is the exclusive appointed distributor of the full range of Elspec products and Power Quality Solutions in South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius, Madagascar and the Seychelles.

Impact Power Innovations is also an authorized representative of Elspec Power Quality Solutions and Engineering Services in Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.

Impact Power Innovations team of professional electrical engineers and technical management personnel have extensive experience in developing and implementing power quality solutions for Electrical Utilities, Industry and Commerce. In conjunction with Elspec, we aim to provide tailor-made strategies that will enable a sustainable and efficient use of your electrical energy.


Tangible savings through power quality measurement and solutions with Elspec's innovative technology range, using a systematic consulting and engineering approach.


A formal engagement with Impact Power Innovations, on an innovative systematic Power Quality approach ensures the following key deliverables:

  • Comprehensive Power Quality Supply
  • Using Elspec's G4K cycle-by-cycle continuous measurement devices and patented PQZIP compression technology, permanent fixed or temporary rental meters
  • Power Quality Modelling and Loss Analysis
  • Through a combination of network parameter modelling and cycle-by-cycle measurements, Elspec are able to produce highly accurate simulations of system technical losses
  • Power Quality Solution Conceptual Offering
  • Present a loss analysis and business case evaluation
  • Technical, kVA/kVAR and Operational losses
  • Obtain approval on designs and prepare for procurement and execution phase
  • Official report for Energy Saving (after solution implementation)
  • Power Quality Metering and Solution Routine Reporting and Maintenance
  • This is supplementary/optional to support key personnel in ensuring that benefits and value is realised


  • Monitoring and Protection
  • Voltage Control
  • Motor Startup
  • Harmonic Filtering
  • Power Factor Correction


Engineering and Risk Consultants, Financial Managers and Small, Medium and Large Power Users


Specialised Electrical Accessories


Cable Systems which was originally established in 2006 and later purchased by Kariba Engineering in 2011 which was acquired by the Voltex Group in July 2015 and renamed, Specialised Electrical Accessories (SEA Props Voltex Pty Ltd). This business unit specialises in the manufacture and supply of electrical accessories and metal pressings.

The manufacturing plant, situated in Durban, produces top quality galvanised electrical accessories as well as an extensive range of PVC accessories. The complete product range consists of:

  • Galvanised wall boxes
  • Galvanised slab boxes
  • Galvanised boxes
  • Galvanised saddles
  • Adjusters
  • Geyser and urn elements
  • PVC extension boxes
  • PVC saddles
  • PVC couplings
  • PVC isolator boxes

With an experienced and well-rounded production team, Specialised Electrical Accessories is able to directly supply electrical companies and wholesalers with approved products that meet Eskom and regional specific standards.


Lighting Structures


Lighting Structures was acquired by the Voltex Group in 2015 and is the leading supplier of masts for High Mast Lighting in South Africa and other African countries and has been in operation since 1976. Its production facility which is ISO 9001:2008 certified is located in the East Rand.

Lighting Structures designs and fabricates masts for special applications and has successfully completed numerous installations throughout Africa.

To meet the growing demand for alternative lighting sources, Lighting Structures design and build solar panel support structures that can be used in conjunction with masts fitted with LED luminaires.

Lighting Structures manufactures, supplies and specialises in the following:

  • Lighting
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy
  • Structures
  • Maintenance