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Write By: admin Published In: Voltex Blog Created Date: 2013-12-02 Hits: 1089

And then there were none

According to the 2006 issue of the Digest of South Africa Energy Statistics, released by the Department of Energy, between 65 and 77% of the country’s energy usage is derived from coal. It is this natural resource by which electricity is generated.

However, in a bid to further awareness on the subject of energy conservation, the South Africa Energy Efficient Convention (SAEEC) was held in November to prepare for World Energy Conservation Day on 14 December.


Among the many who attended this event, including Dr. Stephen Roosa, from Business Development of the Energy Systems Group, USA, was and the electrical-distributing company, Voltex. “The purpose of the SAEEC,” says Marc Rudman, Head of the Voltex Energy Efficiency Committee, “is to provide a national scope of information for end-users and energy professionals in all areas of the energy industry.”

Special notice was paid to Voltex because of its leading attitude towards energy conservation and its stock of technologically-advanced products aimed at reducing energy consumption. The SAEEC paid tribute to them by announcing the company “Winner of the Best Single Stand for 2013 SAEEC”.


“Voltex is committed to gaining knowledge and acquiring practical solutions to conserve energy,” says Stanley Green, Chief Executive – Bidvest Electrical & Managing Director – Voltex Group. To illustrate this commitment, Voltex showcased many energy-efficient products such as the “plug-and-play” unit and the “Blackbox” in which attendees received practical examples of the capability and usefulness of energy-saving products, as stocked by Voltex stores nationwide.

The SAEEC was successful in bringing about awareness to this national challenge — and by allowing companies such as Voltex to educate end-users and professionals of the options available to reduce energy consumption and save on monthly electrical costs, the SAEEC may have indeed met its objective for the event.

Moreover, “by marrying citizen consciousness and utilising energy-saving products, such as those stocked by the Voltex Group,” adds Rudman, “South Africa may truly be saved from the imminent energy crisis.”