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Write By: admin Published In: Voltex Blog Created Date: 2014-01-01 Hits: 1662

Nothing dim about this

Necessity is the mother of invention — but some companies take it to another level in which necessity and design are seamlessly harmonised in one product, one superb product. In the wake of the energy crisis facing Africa and South Africa. With Eskom’s public campaigns to educate users about the importance of saving power, a leading electrical distribution company, Voltex, has introduced a special product that has the solution to this global crisis.

Given an appropriate “futuristic” name, the “S-BAY-454-ELB”, has a panacea of capability so advanced that it is possible to reduce South Africa’s coal consumption for electricity generation.

According to the Department of Energy report that was recently published it shows, on average, 70% of South Africa’s demand for energy is powered by coal. This report further shows that industry takes up the bulk of 32.2% and residential, 19.4%, which means that by reducing these areas of consumption, the national coal consumption can be reduced considerably. Source: Department of Energy; Digest of South African Energy Statistics, 2009.

The S-BAY unit, compared with the existing energy systems of 400 Watt mercury power, shows an average wattage saving of 194. What’s more, carbon emissions are proved to be reduced by 42%, which has significant, positive effects on the environment.

What makes this product truly ahead of its time is the illumination factor. It has a preheated aluminium coating — this acts as an added reflector, which has been measured to produce a 10-20% increase in illumination output, compared with standard anodised aluminium reflectors.

As an added benefit, the S-BAY unit can be controlled via the Hubbell Wasp occupancy sensor — this innovative inclusion to this product has the potential to further reduce electricity usage dramatically as well as increase longevity of the product because it operates only when necessary.

For an all-in-one solution to the energy question, Voltex’s S-BAY is the perfect choice for industrial, farming and residential users.

For more information about the S-BAY unit or any lighting products, contact Voltex on +27 11 879 2000 or email info@voltex.co.za.