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Write By: admin Published In: Voltex Blog Created Date: 2014-02-01 Hits: 1516

South Africa, interrupted

Over the past five years South Africans have had to live with the substandard service from a utility struggling to manage its electrical power distribution. Although citizens are frustrated by what many may call “poor management”, they have become somewhat adapted to load-shedding and poor maintenance measures.

“It’s beyond frustrating,” says Graeme Wocke (37), an investment banker in Sandton. “Everything has to come to a standstill, money is being lost, and we feel we have zero control over the situation,” adds Wocke.

However, there is a company whose modern design and technology has made it finally possible for all South Africans to take control of their daily lives, Voltex, an electrical distribution company, has introduced its new product, the “S-Class Silent Generator”.

“It’s not your typical generator,” explains, Jeff Girnun, manager of power sources at Voltex. “Our one is advanced in that it comes with a sound-proof canopy, which means business can resume as normal, with minimal noise pollution.”

Notwithstanding government’s efforts, there are still capacity constraints, which affect many businesses and households countrywide. With the S-Class Silent Generator, power may be resumed for six to eight hours, or longer.

“Running on diesel, this power-machine is easy to use, has low emission levels and best of all it doesn’t have that drilling noise so common with other generators,” adds Girnun.

Finally, Girnun, urges all South Africans to use this solution and take control of their businesses and personal lives, and be independent of loadshedding.

To find out more about the S-Class Silent Generator, please contact Jeff Girnun on +27 11 879 2000 or email info@voltex.co.za