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Write By: admin Published In: Voltex Blog Created Date: 2014-06-01 Hits: 1545

African Utility Week 2014

With over four and a half thousand visitors, the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) was at its capacity during the two days it hosted African Utility Week from 13 – 14 May, and according to published statistics, interest in the key concerns of the exhibition, such as renewable energy and solar power, has grown exponentially over the past five years.

Visitors from all over the world, including China and in particular, the African states of Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, showed interest in the necessity for African energy re-evaluation towards greener sustainable solutions.


According to reports from the exhibition organisors of African Utility Week, attendance has grown over the past five years by almost 500%. Shawn Roets, Western Cape Regional Manager for the Voltex group, one of the 215 exhibitors said, “The resounding interest in better energy options indicates that people are starting to become aware of the necessity in investing in these long-term solutions.” In a large display of two stands at the CTICC, Voltex had the opportunity to introduce its newest brands to its network. “The objectives set out by African Utility Week,” explains Roets, “were perfectly exemplified by our newly-acquired brands and their products.”

Roets indicated how, by way of example, it utilized the impressive Activar to showcase the importance of using efficient products that assists in power optimizing, in order to have a lesser impact on energy demand. Not only did the efficacy of the brands Voltex showcased during the two days impress visitors, but it was the endorsement and approvals that their product ranges carry that really got people talking. One of African Utility Week’s supporting organisations, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), has given official certification to many of the products that Voltex stocks. Furthermore, Voltex are an affiliate member to Safehouse. An organisation dedicated to protecting consumers and informing consumers of sub-standard products.


“We had phenomenal interest in our new products,” says Roets; “many of the attendees stopped to ask about MV/LV Solutions because of its unique ability to manufacture products to the specific needs of customers.” Roets also said that MV/LV Solutions, which is now part of the Proudly Bidvest Voltex Group, is a fully SABS approved company. In the same section of display, Voltex one of the largest electrical distributors in Africa, exhibited its LSis core resin transformers. “There was particular interest in this product because of its operation without using oil, and decreased maintenance requirements” said Roets.

In accordance with the general principle of African Utility Week, this new resin transformer is environmentally safe; it does not emit oil or toxic gases into the atmosphere.

The visitors also had the opportunity to observe not only electrical solution processes, of which Voltex has in abundance, but also to see the artistic, innovative side of the electrical industry through its Voltex Smart Solutions products.

Since African Utility Week is a platform for global suppliers and investors to provide the industry with valuable knowledge and case studies to help develop the sector and close the funding gap to support Africa’s economic growth, Envirotel, another division within the Voltex Group, contributed to this through its display. “Visitors showed interest in Envirotel’s efficient metering systems,” said Roets, adding that the systems are “not only efficient, but ‘smart’ too, and covers metering as well as vending options.”

The Voltex Group, including the staff at the exhibition, said that success of African Utility Week was so exceptional that they are looking forward to next year’s event in which, according to Roets, Voltex plans to have an even bigger display section. “The response was so great that next year we’ll definitely have more products on show,” said Roets.

For more information about Voltex and the products it displayed at African Utility Week, please email info@voltex.co.za or visit its website at www.voltex.co.za.