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Write By: admin Published In: Voltex Blog Created Date: 2014-10-27 Hits: 1678

Voltex LSis Resin Core Transformers - Highly Recommended!

Although there may be many transformer products on the market, the truth is, not all of these products are of a standard acceptable by the International Electronic Commission (IEC).

“Customers have to pay attention to the products they purchase, ensuring that the products have been tested by independent authorities in the electrical engineering industry,” warns Rose Schulz, general manager of Voltex LSis Gauteng. Voltex LSis is ISO 9001 certified, and it holds the sole agency of LS Industrial Systems which is part of the LG Group, a Korean-based manufacturer of switchgear and motor control products in Southern Africa.


A contributor for the Electrical Engineering Study Site, Mr. S. Ghosh, explains that if transformers are not tested properly, they are at a high risk of breaking down. “Any weaknesses in the insulation may cause failure of the transformer,” says Ghosh.

Ghosh goes on further to say, “Insulation is one of the most important constituents of a transformer.” He explains that in order to ensure the effectiveness of the insulator system of a transformer, it must have a high impulse capability. Other experts agree with Ghosh, including Voltex, a company that has noted the value in stocking transformers with high impulse capability. To add, Voltex has recently introduced its LSis resin core transformers.

“This range of resin core transformers is undoubtedly fast-becoming a best seller because of its IEC certification,” says Schulz. “Customers can now be assured of quality, when purchasing and installing the LSis range,” says Schulz, “which is a direct result of Voltex’s founding membership with the Safehouse initiative and premium association”. Safehouse is an independent organisation in South Africa formed to combat the prevalence of unsafe and sub-standard products.

What's more, this new resin core transformer is also environmentally safe in that it does not emit oil or toxic gases into the atmosphere. “Although oil-filled transformers have been said to provide a higher efficiency, the effects of using oil are highly damaging to the planet,” explains Schulz.

This new resin transformer is also quiet, moisture-proof and fire-resistant, as Schulz points out, “This product is maintenance-free and has a high-overload capability.” Of the various products available, Schulz proudly explains that, as an example, the N1536, “Which at an 80% load, produces an efficiency value of 99.1%, being 3000kg in weight.”

For more information about Voltex LSis Resin Transformer or other products, please email info@voltex.co.za or visit its website at www.voltex.co.za.