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Voltex RCM LED Lights

Voltex Lighting has taken the Mellow light concept to an entirely new level with the introduction of the RCM LED. This has been achieved by optimising the ‘mellow light’ concept, which is ultimately one of perception, the result, a visual environment that appears brighter at lower levels of illuminance. Mellow light fixtures produce high vertical and even horizontal illuminance making it easier for us to see, which is why we think it is brighter compared to dark light fixtures.

Dark light or louvered light fixtures create numerous light and dark patches which cause severe eye fatigue. These contrasts force the eye to continually adapt between a backdrop of light and dark contrasts.  With a dark light fixture you see very little light emitting from the fixture, the exact opposite applies to Mellow Lights as shown in the picture.


With the new RCM LED these contrasts are eliminated and consistent high levels of illuminance are achieved.  A higher level of eye comfort is provided because the LED’s are totally masked by the optic and soft diffused light is achieved through high angle brightness controlled material.

Studies have shown that the optimum level of illuminance in terms of productivity, lies somewhere between 350 and 400 lux and the norm is to design to 500 lux.  With the RCM LED you are able to design using fewer luminaires but maintain an environment where the perception of light is visually brighter. and 500 lux is achieved – take out this statement.

The RCM not only offers the ultimate in comfort and brightness but a greatly improved aesthetic with its stylish hi-tech appearance. And technically it offers maximum performance using high transmission material with even light diffusion over the entire optic with 87% efficiency and 118lm/W efficacy and high colour rendering.

The RCM LED is available from Voltex Lighting, a special division of Voltex - South Africa’s largest electrical and lighting distributor with 13 specialist supply divisions and 59 distribution outlets strategically located throughout Southern Africa.  Voltex Lighting – adding value through innovation.


Company Contact Details: Voltex
Contact Telephone: +27 11 402 0251
Company Website: www.voltex.co.za
Company Email: info@voltex.co.za