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Impact Power Innovations - A new Division of Bidvest Electrical

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Impact Power Innovations - A new Division of Bidvest Electrical

The Innovative and Systematic Power Quality Approach

A formal engagement with Impact Power Innovations involves a systematic consulting and engineering approach to identify Power Quality related consequences to reduce losses and sustain real savings for all sectors of power users and power suppliers. Establishing a Power Quality consequence and cost fingerprint for any site is the key step in driving reliability and engineering value back into power networks. Impact Power Innovations provide the transition from establishing Power Quality consequence and cost baselines into real financial value through leading edge Elspec Power Quality Measurement and Solutions Technologies.

Power Quality Impact Assessments

Different industries have varying perceptions of how Power Quality affects the reliability of the operation. It is vitally important when conducting Power Quality Impact Assessments to look beyond theoretical and technical impacts of poor power quality. When conducting an assessment, Impact Power Innovations makes every effort to draw a correlation and congruity between perceived customer operation implications and power quality data. The technical loss considerations, power cost (kVA/kVAR) reductions and any form of quantified operational loss analysis serve as a sound basis for investment into Power Quality Solutions.

Energy is supplied on a continuous cycle by cycle basis, naturally PQ analysis and loss analysis should be done on a cycle by cycle basis for an accurate representation of the performance of a power network. This is the principle distinctive offering by Impact Power Innovations and the Elspec product and service portfolio. Elspec has developed and designed a wide range of real-time power quality enhancement systems such as the innovative BLACKBOX device series, which is a technological breakthrough that provides the perfect

Power Quality analysis solution. The built-in capabilities of the series are uniquely adaptable to address the individual needs and requirements of almost any application.

Our innovations optimize power consumption for electrical energy savings and offer comprehensive solutions for power quality from power factor correction, energy savings and voltage support to the reduction of power during large motor startups.


Company Contact Details : Impact Power Innovations

Contact Telephone :0861 357732

Company Website : www.impactpower.co.za / www.eslpec-ltd.com

Company email: info@impactpower.co.za