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Phambili Interface Weidmuller Multimark

Operational safety in industrial facilities relies on measures that minimise the risk of faulty systems and reliable maintenance protocols. A key aspect identified in risk analysis is the visible and accurate marking of electrical components and connections. The legal guidelines require complete documentation of machinery and equipment to adhere to IEC 61439-1/2011-08 and IEC 61558-1 standards.

Weidmüller, a name synonymous with competence, reliability and innovative solutions in machine construction and device manufacture, have developed a systemised marking solution which includes software, markers and printers. This perfectly coordinated product range has been designed to optimise processes and provide comprehensive labelling options that offer flexibility, durability, easy installation and limited maintenance.

The Multimark range includes the Thermal transfer printer, a compact all-rounder ideal for small and medium print volumes with a high output from 250 Deka-fix markers per minute and modular perforation and cutting. The Dekafix and WS connector markers make labelling more efficient and are compatible with Weidmüller terminal blocks. The continuous strips make installation more efficient and the smart composite material offers exceptional durability and resistance with easy handling. The TMI, insert wire markers have a guide tab which enables them to slide easily into the transparent sleeves. The WM range is an enclosed, un-detachable marker and can be simply threaded through the cable at both ends. The SM, CC, ESG and EL device markers make systems secure and the durable double laminated polyester makes the basic material exceptionally thin yet extremely tear-resistant. The coordinated product range offers endless variations to produce large labels for name plates or labelling equipment. The Multimark takes care of practically all identification requirements making the many components in electrical cabinets identifiable.

Phambili Interface, a division of Voltex, is the exclusive distributor of Weidmüller connectivity and interface products in the areas of Industrial Automation, Process Automation and Transportation. Weidmüller develop precisely tailored products for customers and partners throughout the world by consistently implementing innovations. Voltex is a proudly Bidvest company and a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Bidvest Group Limited, a company listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). Voltex –Your electrical connection


Company Contact Details : Phambili Interface

Contact Telephone : 011 452 1930 (Johannesburg) / 021 551 8813 (Cape Town) / 031 914 4712 (Durban)

Company Website : www.weidmuller.co.za

Company email: alockyer@weidmuller.co.za