Let prevention be your intention

Ultraviolet technology is a chemical free approach to disinfection. Technilamp’s range of Germicidal Ultraviolet (GUV) air disinfection fittings are designed to protect healthcare workers, patients and doctors in the mining industry against the spread of Tuberculosis (TB) and other airborne bacteria. When dealing with members of the public, airborne bacteria such as influenza, SARS and bird flu are very easily contractible. The ever-increasing effect of such bacteria has highlighted the need for government and employers to provide a safe and clean working environment for their employees on a 24/7 basis .

The Technilamp GUV system (which has been measured and verified by the University of Pretoria’s Department of Electrical Engineering, Radiometry and Photometry Department) is more effective than hand sanitisers and air sanitation chemicals since its patented range provides a UV irradiation coverage area of 5-36 meters in the UV ‘kill zone’.  A direct benefit of this is that fewer fittings are required to cover larger areas.

The laws of physics dictate that hot air rises and since air flow is enhanced with the movement of people and/or the use of ceiling fans, airborne bacteria naturally moves with the convection flow of air. Short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light is germicidal; it deactivates the DNA of the bacteria by destroying its ability to reproduce. The bacteria are killed instantly when coming into contact of the UV-C irradiance ‘kill zone’. This range operates at a consistent 35°C and enhances and maximises UV-C output in excess of 80%. With its unique UV-C reflector and reduced interface, UV-C coverage is intensified with the lowest level of mercury content with the use of Philips lamps.

Delivering a straight UV beam with a low 0.2µW/cm2 in the area immediately below the irradiated beam, the fittings fall below the regulated irradiation level of 0.4µW/cm2 as specified by the Department of Health in South Africa for workers in such an environment over an eight-hour period.  The fitting must, however, be placed a minimum of 2.1 meters above floor level.

These fittings are available in three different sizes:

  1. The TL R30 Ceiling Mount, designed for large public waiting areas, covers 36m2.
  2. The TL R31 Wall Mount, with its increased angle from 100° to 180°, would be the best recommendation for hospital wards and passages with coverage of 25 m.
  3. For specialist consulting rooms, the TL R32 Corner Mount with 2 PL-S 9W lamps, increased angle from 70° to 80° and coverage of 12 m2 would be ideal.

The benefit of these products is a significant reduction in initial capital outlay as well as a reduction in annual maintenance costs.  The only maintenance required is quarterly or half yearly cleaning together with the lamp changes on an annual basis.

Technilamp’s TL R30-R32 range is designed for robust African conditions.  They can be retrofitted and have a lifespan in excess of ten years as long as they are maintained correctly.