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Freedom Won Lite Mini Range

The Mini range is designed for entry level Lithium storage solutions providing maximum value per kWh without compromising on longevity and performance by using the same high quality LiFePO4 cells as the standard Lite ranges.

Freedom Won Lite Mini Range Mini 1.4 Mini 2.5 Mini 5
Max Energy at 100% DoD [kWh] 1.4 2.5 5
Current Capacity [Ah] 55 55 100
Max/Cont Current [A] (1) 120/100
Max/Cont Power [kW] (1) 3.1/2.6 6.2/5.2 6.2/5.2
Nominal Voltage [V](2) 26 52 52
Weight [kg] 16 32 50
Dimensions on or against wall – Height x Width x Depth [mm] 372 x 316 x 209 544 x 318 x 237 550 x 368 x 263
Enclosure Aluminium, white coated, including feet and handles
DC Connection DC “Anderson” Plug to suit 16mm2 power cable (mating plug included with Mini)
Protection Internal protection of cells for over and under voltage, over-current protection, temperature range protection
Service Life 70% DoD –> 5 000 cycles
90% DoD –> 3 000 cycles
Warranty Unlimited use for 5 years with >70% capacity remaining
• Max, current and power for 1 minute
• The Mini 2.5 and Mini 5 are available in 26V on request. Note that the power output is halved for a 26V model compared to the 52V model.

• The Mini range does not include interfacing for external equipment or a State of Charge Display. Automatic resetting of protection allows for use with non interfacing inverters and chargers.
• The Mini is not suitable for use with transformer based inverters with high inrush current – if in doubt please speak to your Voltex representative.