Major Tech launches VETi 2 range

Two years of development and testing has brought about the launch of Major Tech’s boast worthy VETi 2 range of switches and sockets.


Due to industry and market demand, the new VETi 2 range was intended to meet the stringent design expectations of upmarket clientele, rendering superior quality at an incredibly affordable price.


According to Pat Shaw, Major Tech CEO the VETi range was launched a couple of years ago. “The design comprised of a modular system to produce a middle-of-the-range product; it has done exceptionally well and a lot of people like it”, says Shaw. He further adds that VETi 2 not only looks different, it also works differently; one of the many things we like about this product is that it is very modern. We always aim to develop the best product that customers want and that meet South African regulations.”


VETi 2 is not your average switch and socket range but rather a completely new mono-block design that is both IEC and SANS compliant. VETi 2 is the first socket in South Africa to accommodate a switched socket with a 1 standard RSA socket, 2 V-slim sockets and 2 USB ports (2.1 amp cumulative).


Having partnered with Major Tech in the launch of VETi 2, the Voltex Group is the first distributor of electrical products to carry the complete VETi 2 range.


Stanley Green, CEO of Voltex (Pty) Ltd, believes the success of this revolutionary product is due to the excellent rapport Voltex has with its suppliers and end-users. “We continue to build solid foundations and relationships with our suppliers. For us, that is the key in growing our business.  It is vital that manufacturers pay attention to suggestions made by suppliers so that the supply and demand of custom products are introduced into the market. Of equal importance is to have loyal suppliers Voltex can rely on to pass on the expectations of end-users, and in turn they are confident that we will deliver what is needed. At the end of the day, our suppliers are in a good position to offer consumers decent prices, particularly in the difficult economic climate we currently find ourselves in.”


Available in both white and charcoal, the ultra slim and flat design keeps the VETi 2 product flush to the wall surface.  The stylish switches, manufactured from a polycarbonate and ABS blend, boasts a stylish, perfectly flat switch whether in an ON or OFF position.


Please contact your local Voltex branch for pricing or more information.