MTE Shows – KZN – Sappi Saicorr/Richards Bay

MTE Exhibitions: Bringing Industries Together

MTE Exhibitions have become a coveted event for companies from various industries to showcase their products and services. For visitors, it’s an opportunity to interact with the businesses and gain more knowledge. The recent MTE shows held at Sappi Saiccor and Richards Bay were no exception. 

At the Voltex stands, we had a chance to interact with both existing and potential customers, who showed immense interest in our live solar display. Our display showcased a selection of products such as solar panels, inverters, industrial switches and sockets, lighting, and flood lights. With over 200 estimated customers, the events were a grand success. 

A highlight of the day was when a customer at the Sappi Saiccor event approached us and exclaimed, “Hey, Voltex. I heard you on the radio!” It was truly exciting to realize that our brand was becoming more recognizable. 

The MTE Shows proved to be a great platform for allowing customers the chance to psychically see products that they were interested in. It provides a great opportunity to interact with customers face-to-face to add the personal touch as appose to speaking over a phone or via email.

New customers were given the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our product offering while at the shows.

As Voltex, we were given the chance to meet old suppliers and customers that we had not seen in some time. It was lovely being able to see them again, it felt like a reunion of sorts.

We were exposed to new suppliers, and we were able to learn about their impact and product offering in the KZN electrical market. This helps us understand what products are offered and it increases our knowledge to better provide, assist and educate our customers.

The MTE Shows had a great outcome and we would definitely participate in future shows.