Optimise Profits and Productivity with the IPI Blackbox Series

It’s no secret that the productivity of any business depends on reliable power networks. Whether you’re in the IT sector or the manufacturing sector, most modern-day job responsibilities depend on specific technologies and software for optimal outputs. Being without power is simply not viable.

That’s why Impact Power Innovations is constantly making strides to improve the energy environment, optimize efficiencies and assist in making your professional and industrial environment as conducive to productivity as possible. As an authorized representative of Elspec Power Quality Engineering Services and Products, they can provide the highest quality solutions to South Africa and surrounding areas. With them you can find tailor made strategies and solutions that facilitate sustainable and efficient electrical use in a wide range of industries.

The IPI Blackbox series is the premier power quality analysis tool for most major manufacturers and plants. Consisting of the patented PQZIP compression algorithm, the power quality analysers give users the ability to easily predict, prevent and troubleshoot issues without the need to set up triggers or thresholds to capture a specific event.

The G4500 portable power quality analyser specifically is designed to ensure you never miss a power quality event. Tailored for use by site engineers, electrical consultants and utilities, the G4500 is guaranteed to give the most accurate results and expert analysis every time. It’s easy to set up, includes plug-and-play functionality and can be connected to remotely. With up to 32TB of storage space, an entire years’ worth of data can be stored within the device. This enormous amount of stored information can then be used and analysed to find the root causes of any and all power quality issues.

With continuous waveform recording, supreme trend resolution and extended harmonic recording, the Blackbox series is a threshold-free setup solution that is easy to deploy. Additionally, the range includes the Digital Fault Recorder, the PureBB single and 3 phase handheld device, and the G4k portable and fixed device. All devices promise accurate data anywhere, anytime.

The DFR is a phasor measurement unit with power quality monitoring and sequence of event recoding abilities. It provides dynamic system monitoring and impedance-based fault location. For a more portable solution, the PureBB is a handheld device that requires no setup and is an easy, plug-and-play solution that comes with a mini SD card for data reading and saving. The more robust G4k device is available in 256, 512 and 1024 samples per cycle as a fixed meter with additional upgradable IO modules and has dual AC or DC power supply abilities.

All the devices boast a single, easy to use interface that acquires, processes and stores recorded data through a variety of communication protocols and file formats. They offer email, SMS and pop-up notifications as per preconfigured scenarios, along with comprehensive data visualization using unique chart sets and reports.

Impact Power Innovations provides the transition from establishing Power Quality consequence and cost baselines into real financial value through Power Quality Measurement Solutions and Technologies. Streamline the power control and analysis process in your industry and manufacturing plant by adopting the IPI Blackbox series and ultimately enjoy the benefits of optimal productivity and protected revenue.