Plugs, Sockets and Safety Around the Home

Electricity surrounds us, it’s in our homes and everywhere we look. Our homes are powered by complicated electrical systems connected to the national grid – It permeates every aspect of our lives in every way.

It’s vital that we understand and stay informed about the electrical aspects of our home, to keep our family members safe and secure. Even if you know all the risks, its important to consider the members of your home who might not know the potential danger that surrounds old or faulty electrical connections.

Appliances needing repairs or replacement should be attended to immediately. Not doing so could result in an accident. In your home, breakages and excessive wear and tear on electrical equipment can occur frequently so you need to make regular inspections and take precautions to ensure your safety.

Part of your routine home maintenance should include a thorough inspection of all electrical plugs, sockets and appliances. Catching issues early could save your life and you home.

For appliances, check for breakages, wear, deterioration, signs of overheating, missing parts and faulty appliance controls wherever you are able. Remember to test all your appliances and equipment regularly to stay ahead of possible problems or faulty connections.

Where your home plugs and electric sockets and concerned, there are a few tips and tricks that may ensure your safety. Buy and use plugs that are SABS approved, avoid overloading your plugs and use an adaptor instead wherever possible. Ensure that you switch off wall sockets when not in use and never unplug an appliance by pulling on the cord. If small children live in your home, place wall socket safety caps in areas within reach of tiny hands.

Take the time to teach your children and household members proper safety procedures, people of all ages should know how to use plugs safely. Do your plug sockets and covers look like they need to be replaced? Consider buying new ones with the new SANS 164-2 South African plug included. The new plug standard is safer, easier and makes more efficient use of space than the older 3-point plug model. Keep your home up to date and buy some new plugs and switches from Voltex during the 3-Phase sale for added affordability and convenience!