Armoured Cable

Electrical and physical properties of Multicore PVC Insulated PVC Bedded *SWA PVC sheathed 600/1000V cables with stranded copper conductors manufactured to SANS 1507-3.

*Where the armouring of cable is used as the earth continuity path, it may be necessary to replace some of the steel wires with tinned copper wires (ECC) or use a supplementary earth continuity conductor.

ECC – Earth Continuity Conductor (SANS 1507-3)
When an improved conductivity in the earth continuity circuit of steel wire armoured (SWA) multicore cable is required, an appropriate number of steel armour wires may be replaced by tinned hard drawn copper wires of the same nominal diameter. The copper wires shall comply with the relevant requirements of SANS 1411-1.


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