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The eTower range presently includes only the e5000 module, which has been designed
specifically for enabling small economical storage solutions that can be upgraded
conveniently and cost effectively over time.

The product includes all accessories required to enable fast and convenient installation.
Although rack mounting is possible, the modules are primarily designed for easy stacking
into a tower through the inclusion of a plastic moulded pedestal that is placed underneath
each module in the tower. Further convenience is offered through the inclusion of the
required communication and power cables along with module connecting busbars.

The eTower is designed primarily for systems that need to start with 5kWh initially with a
view to growing the storage capacity over time in 5kWh increments up to 20kWh.
For designs that require 10kWh or more initially the Freedom LiTE Home and Business range
may be a preferred solution depending on customer preferences and needs.