Three-D Electricians Back pack 31 Piece MAXBPPV

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31 Piece Electricians Back pack MAXBPPV


HEXB-16 Heavy Copper Lug Crimper (1.5 – 16mm2) 1
TDBP8100 10mm Socket Wrench Screwdriver 1
LK-22A 25mm Cable Cutter 1
TDBP5180 1000V VDE  Pliers 1
TDBP5040 1000V VDE Long Nose Pliers 1
TDBP5120 1000V VDE Diagonal Cutters 1
TDBP8830 1000V VDE Insulated 13mm Open-Ended Spanner 1
TAW100 100mm Adjustable Spanner 1
TDBP9200 1000V VDE Insulated 10mm Ring Spanner 1
SDE7 1000V  MaxTorque Supreme Insulated Screwdrivers 7
QUKEY Universal Panel Key 1
TAK9PH 9pc Allen Key Set  – Foldable 9
FSE-MC4 Solar Crimper 1
SOLAR7 Solar Stripper 1
YAC-5 End Sleeve Crimping Tool 1
THS150 Junior Hacksaw 1
MAXBP MaxTorque Professional Backpack 1
Pieces 31

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