Smart About Energy

Invirohub is an end-to-end utility management system developed and owned by EMS Invirotel Energy Management (Pty) Ltd, a subsidiary of Voltex (Pty) Ltd.  The system provides smart metering, monitoring and evaluation tools for the public, private and residential sectors for electricity, water, gas, sewage and refuse.

Invirotel was established to setup new standards in the Green technology sector and its unique value-add is in the software harnessing data gathering and control abilities of hardware devices.  It provides a wealth of tools to both the utility and the end-user customer such as real time data from a circuit level right up to an entire region or country.

The four main functional modules include:

  • Meter Management which is optimized for smart grids and AMR
  • Tariff and Billing including STS compliant pre-paid vending meters
  • Building Management and Setup with templates for the residential, retail, commercial and industrial sectors.
  • Municipal Management to manage meter roll-outs, billing and revenue collection in the municipal sector
  • Analytics and Decision Support providing for comprehensive dashboard information from a portfolio, municipal and utility level right down to individual meter, accounts and consumers.

The software was built on cutting edge technologies and deployment structures and is a world-first Internet-of-Things eco-system for smarty energy. Proudly developed in South African, the system was developed using the following technologies:

Cloud Based

The suite is deployed into the Amazon cloud with full multi-zone, multi-region redundancy. This guarantees no down-time and disaster recovery occurs in a matter of seconds. All processes run on a secure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) ensuring an industry standard secure environment. The smart use of sophisticated Amazon Web Services (AWS) technology caught the attention of Amazon, who has since conducted a case study of the Invirohub implementation. The elastic compute power of the cloud allows for massively scalable functionality. IInvirohub can run an entire municipality’s annual readings which are taken 6 times a day for each meter and billed within 10 minutes. The cloud also obviates the huge expense of hardware depreciation, software licensing, compute redundancy, maintenance staff, back-up and disaster recovery infrastructure.

Big Data

Big Data is a consequence of cloud based computing. Storage space is cheap and therefore data can be handled on a much larger scale. Invirohub reads meters every 10 minutes and every single reading is stored, processed, formatted and presented. Big Data together with the elastic compute component enables fine-grained analytics of consumption behaviour across all utilities providing minute by minute analytics of consumption patterns and behaviour.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things has been hailed as the next commercial and technical opportunity in the digital economy. It refers to the bi-directional communication of gadgets and devices and controlling apparatus across geographical boundaries and time-zones in real time. The Invirohub suite is an IoT system in the true sense of the word. All devices are intra- and inter-communicable with each other and with control systems. This communication happens in real time and can be manually controlled or automated.  Invirohub software is continually being developed to expand its IoT offering.