Voltex is hosting a two-day Basic Solar Awareness course in order to give you some more insight into the following:

  • Solar Inverters
  • Solar Batteries
  • Solar Panels
  • Basics guidelines of calculation and configuration of a Solar Solution

The training sessions are divided into 2 sessions of which both needs to be completed. These may be completed in different weeks but must be completed consecutively.

Online training: We have decided that due to technical and other related difficulties to not continue with the webinars. We will set up new dates to do training across the country in 2021 and send out the schedule by the end of the year.

Only electrical post-graduates, qualified electricians and/or one apprentice are permitted to attend the training.


If you would like to receive an email with all the training dates, you are welcome to register your details in the meantime and we will send you the schedule by email in January.


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