Tied to excellence

Voltex showcases 101 ways to use the Weidmuller cable ties

The cable tie, in our opinion, deserves its own day on the annual calendar of important things as it is the quintessential product in any toolbox. Whether you’re a DIY guru, the go-to colleague for handy supplies in the office or the project manager on a big industrial job, a cable tie is generally a tool you will always keep in your arsenal. 

It is as versatile as an apparatus can be and most certainly, this nifty little aid makes for a great makeshift lock on your suitcase or for tying chords together, but have you ever thought about other ingenious solutions for which you can apply a cable tie?   

What about using it to; secure your ladder from slipping down, attach a set of keys to your belt loop, reattach the mudguard to your car or how about removing a broken cork from a bottle by creating a loop underneath the cork and pulling up and locking your toolbox while on site?

These are just some of the artful ways, in the workplace and at home, to make use of a Weidmuller cable tie. We still have another 96 reasons to get creative with its uses. And better yet, you can purchase our range of Cable Ties on the Voltex Online Store as well as at any of our branches nationwide.

Esteemed across the globe for excellence in German engineered technology and solutions, Weidmuller is a leading supplier of durable and world-class cable ties in South Africa. Designed with precision and tied to excellence, be assured that quality is the backbone of the Weidmuller cable tie. Join us as we uncover the many more handy recommendations you can use your Weidmuller cable ties for over the coming weeks and feel free to share your ideas for innovative ideas with us.