UV Air and Surface Disinfection

Unlike chemical approaches to disinfection, ultraviolet light is an effective alternative to providing rapid, effective inactivation of micro-organisms therefore making it a very useful option for disinfection.

UV light can be used to kill micro-organisms in a variety of environments, such as in circulating air and on work surfaces. UV disinfection is highly effective for destroying a variety of harmful bacteria, pathogens, viruses and moulds.

The disinfection occurs when ultraviolet light is emitted in short wavelengths. These wavelengths are able to destroy the DNA of harmful bacteria, effectively removing their cellular function. UV disinfection is used in environments such as hospitals, clinics, doctors’ rooms, vets’ rooms, bedrooms and in any building where large groups of people are present.

Sterile air, for example, prevents the spread of diseases and reduces the risk of infection, both in medical facilities and in the workplace. Technilamp manufactures, supplies and services UV disinfection units and systems for these environments: air, surface and water.

Technilamp’s UV surface disinfection systems assist in the disinfection of all foods in production plants or with in-store merchandising. The system is chemical-free, thereby delivering an environmentally friendly solution with an extended shelf life to farmers, food manufacturers and retailers.

The UV surface disinfection system is effective in:

  • The inactivation of all food spoilage micro-organisms including bacteria, yeasts, mould spores, pathogens and viruses.
  • The decontamination of smooth fruits, vegetables, meat and cheese surfaces, leading to extended shelf life.
  • The decontamination of surfaces of equipment in food production, pack houses, cheese factories and meat processing plants.
  • The disinfection of packaging such as boxes, caps, bottles, cartons, films and foils.
  • Technilamp specifies Philips lamps only, which contain the lowest amount of Mercury and have a lamp life of ± 9 000 hours. Each lamp is enclosed in a UV-transmitting plastic security sleeve, preventing any glass or Mercury splintering onto working areas should breakage occur.

The system is available in 25W and/or 75W configurations, and multiple units can be applied where necessary.

UV light technology has advanced in recent years to become a reliable and viable disinfection method. The use of it for air and surface disinfection is far more environmentally friendly than many other methods of disinfection as it does not introduce any chemicals to the air or surface.

These lamps are used extensively in walk-in cool rooms to eliminate odours and kill bacteria and mould on the surfaces of food products like meat, chicken, fish etc. The lamps work in preventing spoilage and thus extending the storage life of the products. These units also remove smoke and smells as well as destroy bacteria and viruses in the air.

UV disinfection of air plays an important role in improving indoor air quality by reducing harmful pathogens floating freely in room air thereby reducing illnesses. These methods of purification are ideal for many applications because they are economical, safe, fast and easy with simple use and maintenance. There are many industries where disinfection without the use of chemicals is critical and UV light sterilisation can provide a safe, effective solution. For more information about Technilamp’s UV lights for disinfection, please contact us or visit