Voltex Home Solar Kits – A complete Green Energy Solution

The Voltex Group strives to be at the forefront of technology developments and to harness its breadth of expertise to deliver the latest electrical innovations to its customers that are affordable, accessible and sustainable.

One area of energy efficiency which has undergone significant advancements in terms of cost of technology and ease of application is Solar Power. By means of large scale consolidation in the production of solar panels, which are made from silicon, solar energy has become far more mainstream than 10 years ago.

Solar power is without doubt the most sustainable, clean and reliable form of renewable energy which can be used in several forms to help power your home or business. An increase in demand for sustainable energy solutions has been driven by a consciousness of the environment and a need for greener, more sustainable energy alternatives. South Africa also has one of the highest solar irradiation levels in the world, so it goes without saying that it is the wise choice to go green. With no moving parts, solar panels generate electricity directly from the sun’s rays and can last for up to 25 years. The cost of solar power is now far more accessible with costs dropping significantly to approximately R1 per kWh in comparison to Eskom’s average domestic tariff which has risen to R1.92 per kWh.

Recognising this increased demand for complete solar systems, the Voltex Group has launched the Voltex Home SOLAR (VHS) Kit. This kit offers a complete solution for electrical contractors wishing to provide an efficient domestic installation and is an affordable option for the homeowner.

Typically, a domestic installation requires an assessment to be done by the installer, who then designs the solar power solution. The challenge comes with sourcing the various pieces of equipment which are not always readily available at competitive prices. Ultimately, the client incurs the added costs of this time-consuming process.

The VHS Kits have been specifically designed to overcome many of these challenges making Green Energy a reality for home owners. These kits provide an efficient method for electrical contractors to deliver accurate quotations by eliminating the variable costs of the components.

The 5kw VHS Kit comes complete with 15 x 265 Watt solar Panels. This is enough to charge the battery as well as supplying power to some of the equipment during the day. At night the battery will supply power to the fridge, TV and lights for up to 8 hours thereby reducing your demand from your current utility provider. In the event of a power failure, the system will simply continue to provide power from the battery as if there is a power supply from your current utility provider.

The VHS Kits come complete with everything required to provide a complete installation.

Voltex supplies the backboard that is prewired with an inverter, AC breakers, transfer switch, DC fuses and a PV isolator. The prewired backboard greatly reduces installation time and allows for easy connection to the rest of the system.

The 5kW VHS (Voltex Home Solar) Kit comprises of:

  • 260W tier 1 solar panels
  • Highest grade aluminum mounting structure
  • Pre-wired combiner box
  • 5kW inverter pre-wired to battery fuses, PV isolator, AC breakers and transfer switch
  • WM4 male and female connectors
  • Solar cable
  • 4000W LiFePO4 battery

The PV Modules, with power ratings ranging from at 265 Wp, come with a 10 year product guarantee and a 25 year performance guarantee. The high performance Poly-Crystalline Modules are designed for on-grid as well as off-grid applications with a positive power tolerance and highly reliable anti-reflective coated glass.

The VHS Kits are also available in standard 3kW and 4kW systems and can be custom made to suit individual requirements. Regardless of your solar requirements, Voltex has a variety of products to meet your project needs.

The sun provides more energy than we will ever need, making solar power the perfect choice for renewable energy. Using solar energy in South Africa, rather than obtaining energy from fossil fuels, offers a number of benefits to our natural environment. With no greenhouse gas emissions being released into the atmosphere, there is less air and water pollution which in turn is beneficial to both the planet and to our health.

Solar energy – Make the right choice and go green.