Voltex in partnership with Namibia

From the highest in command to the humblest team member, the entire Voltex division in Namibia works tirelessly to offer a complete solution to all its valued customers. No matter how big or small the business and its individual needs, as the experts we offer energy solutions to the widest range of consumers. From the largest businesses looking for highly specialised large-scale solutions, to individuals looking for simple household items and products, Voltex is uniquely situated to cater to both, easily and effectively. With an established, country wide calling cycle and regular customer visits, we strive to provide the most personalised service through sustained, helpful communication.

Mining is one of the biggest sectors in the country and there is so much Voltex does to service the many large and successful mining operations within it. From large industrial equipment like generators to the smallest wiring and light fitting details in office spaces – Voltex can and does effectively and efficiently deliver the power generation equipment a business needs to function and operate successfully.

Even the most remote businesses and homesteads can benefit from the range and service Voltex has to offer. Mining operations and similar industries that are situated far from cities and towns can and do greatly benefit already. Namibia’s hot dry climate and abundant sunshine for over 300 days per year make it an ideal spot to harness the energy of the sun. Up to 2,200 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per square metre annually are recorded in the country.

With a keen eye on a renewable energy future that neatly complements its natural conditions for both solar and wind power, plans from the state-run utility to build and maintain green power plants represent a great opportunity for all businesses in the area to consider the switch as well. Currently, Namibia relies on its neighbours for a large portion of its power. Recognising this need is the first step in a much larger process that will take time to fully adopt and realise. In the meantime, many businesses can easily and affordably supplement these efforts by choosing to install renewable solutions in their own businesses.

Voltex naturally offers complete solutions for turning businesses of all shapes and sizes into green energy users. No matter the size or scope, Voltex is here to help with all green energy projects, providing quality expertise and complete solutions. Over three branches, we cater to a large variety of markets including retail divisions, municipalities and contractors. Our range of products is also extensive. This range and our reach within the country allows us to touch many lives and provide high quality services for as many projects as possible

From the largest operations to the smallest individual needs, including light commercial companies, industrial operations and individual needs, Voltex is here to stay in Namibia and is determined to assist the country with all its energy related needs. Our reach already extends through the country’s many local municipalities, town councils and all the way up the electrical supply chain to NamPower. We assist power generation efforts at all levels large and small.

Where power is not guaranteed, we offer products and services that are designed specifically to keep the lights on and electronic devices working as they should. The variety of situations where you can find Voltex products is vast. We have solutions for sensitive electrical equipment such as server rooms and delicate electrical devices all the way to energy for remote industrial settings. Additionally, we offer installation as part of the sale, or in some cases, assistance with commissioning through a preferred installer.

For all electrical needs, big or small, We at Voltex strive to ensure excellent customer service and are dedicated to our goal of being the best one-stop-shop in all related fields.