Voltex Paarl Hybrid Store

Voltex Paarl Opens its Hybrid Stores Doors

Voltex, South Africa’s largest wholesaler and distributor of electrical and lighting related products, has embarked upon a drive to rebrand and, where necessary, relocate branches with the aim of improving existing customer relationships and drawing in new customers with a fresh and innovative shopping experience.

Voltex Paarl is the first new hybrid store in South Africa and we have subsequently revamped two branches in Gauteng.  We supply the widest range of electrical, renewable and related products through our numerous revamped hybrid stores, these are strategically located across South Africa and are aimed at accommodating everyone, from a contractor to the end user.

Customers will be exposed to a hands-on experience of state-of-the-art products assisted by the trained and qualified sales staff. “The product range has been carefully selected, particularly in the energy efficiency, renewable and lighting markets,” says Mr Ahmed Baig, Managing Director of Voltex Wholesale.  These areas are of particular focus right now as the world moves towards greener solutions.

That being said, we remain invested in our current range of electrical and related products.

We are your electrical connection.

Visit us at 3 Kaplan, Charleston Hill, Paarl.

We look forward to welcoming you to Voltex Paarl.