Voltex Webinar featuring Electech Renewable Solutions

What a great first for us to host a webinar purely on the basics of Renewable Energy!

We have always aimed to keep abreast with the ever growing technology of Solar and Renewable Energy Solutions. We’ve gained so much industry experience and knowledge, which we loved sharing with you!

Offering a wide range of solutions, our wholesale branches and solar division consults with customers and consultants on renewable electrical energy efficient projects with physical walk through and measurement to establish existing energy usage and simulation and sizing of renewable energy systems to reduce energy charges.

All designs and installations are done using accredited installers with quality products adhering to international quality control standards and specifications. With new and unique technologies together with engineering design and technical support, we offer a unique and competitively priced solution.

We have made this replay video available for you. should you wish to review the content and information that was relayed here at a later stage.

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