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Voltex Webinar Featuring Technilamp

This is a very exciting episode of our Voltex Webinar Channel, as we have invited our very own specialised division Technilamp, to join us to give some insights into Ultraviolet and Infrared Technology.

UV Light can be used in a magnitude of ways, including water and air sterilization, as well as surface disinfection. It can also be used in food disinfection to increase shelf life of products like pita breads and berries.

A very informative episode, explaining UVC, UVD and UVA technologies, and which technology is best used for curing, disinfection and combating viruses and bacteria.

We took a look into their range of IR (Infrared) Heaters, and the benefits and features that make purchasing these heaters a no-brainer.

Missed the webinar, or simply want to re-watch it? We have made the replay link available for you to view anytime.

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