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Voltex Webinar featuring Three-D Agencies

In this feature of our Voltex Webinar Channel, we have Ian and Mark from Three-D Agencies with us. They gave us some great tips and insights into the Uni-T Range of multi-meters and testers that could assist greatly in every project. Three-D Agencies are part of the Hudaco Group, a South African Group specializing in the importation and distribution of high quality electrical consumables.

This episode however, features the vast range of Uni-T meters, including the different types of handheld Infrared & Thermal Imaging Thermometers, the new multimeter range they are releasing soon, fork meters, digital clamp meters and more.

All Uni-T and Three-D Agencies products are available through the Voltex branch network consisting of our 58 stores nationwide.

Missed the webinar? Not to worry, we have made the replay link available for your use.

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