WEIDMULLER ACT20P Pro DCDC II – let’s connect

Weidmuller excel in enabling accurate control of industrial processes. Their ACT20P-Pro DCDC II high performance module provides precise isolation and conversion of analogue current and voltage signals, ensuring smooth process operation in many widely varying industrial applications from machine construction to energy technology.

Look at some of the many advantages of this innovative Weidmuller poduct.

Just 12.5 mm wide on a DIN-rail mounted housing, its simple and intuitive integrated display is used to configure the module. Alternatively DIP switches can be used.

A wide range of applications is served as the module can measure, isolate and convert signals from a range of ± 300 V DC or ± 100 Ma.

Flexible supply range from 24 V UC to 230 V UC ensures compatibility in many diverse applications.

Secure operation is guaranteed with high levels of galvanic isolation to 4 kV  (600 V rated voltage ).

Keyed plugs are individually configured to prevent wire connection problems.

The Weidmuller ACT20P-PRO DCDC II is the ideal choice for companies seeking a flexible and universal input analogue device. In more than 80 countries the Weidmuller Group live up to the maxim ‘Let’s connect’ with innovative and sustainable solutions for their customers.