Your electrical partner in Polokwane

No matter the size of a business or how involved its individual needs are, as your electrical experts we offer energy solutions to a wide range of consumers. We are Voltex in Polokwane and we’re here to help you with the perfect electrical solution for your unique requirements. Our team is highly trained and works tirelessly to provide our customers with the solutions they need.

We understand that every project and situation is different. What may work for one company surely won’t work for another. From the largest businesses looking for highly specialised large-scale solutions, to individuals looking for simple household items and products, Voltex is uniquely able to cater to both, easily and effectively. We are confident in our ability to provide the most personalised service through sustained, helpful communication and custom-fitted solutions.

From industrial equipment and tools for large scale projects like generators to the smallest wiring and light fitting details in office spaces – we can effectively and efficiently deliver all power generation equipment a business needs to function and operate successfully.

Mining operations and similar industries that are situated far from cities and towns can greatly benefit already. The amount of different industries we assist in Polokwane is extremely vast, but includes the agricultural, mining, manufacturing, construction, wholesale, electrical and communication sectors, amongst others.

Contractors in the area already greatly benefit from collaboration with the Voltex Polokwane branch. From turnkey electrical solutions and installations to invaluable advice and assistance for all electrical needs, we strive to ensure excellent customer service and are dedicated to our goal of being the best one-stop-shop in all related fields.

Voltex Polokwane assists with power generation efforts at all levels with a variety of products and services. We also cater to a large variety of markets including retail divisions, municipalities and contractors. Our range and our reach within the area allows us to provide high quality services for as many projects as possible. Our range of solutions is as vast and varied as our staff, no matter the issue, we have someone who can help right away.

From remote mining and agricultural operations that require renewable energy solutions to high tech office scenarios and everything in between, our dedicated staff can assist with all energy related needs.

The Voltex in Polokwane branch is well situated to provide the highest levels service to the areas’ numerous Game reserves, hunting lodges and bushveld resorts. We pride ourselves on our ability to give or customers a turnkey solution.

Voltex is strategically situated, no matter where your business is in the country. No matter the size or scope, we are here to help you every step of the way, providing you with quality expertise and complete solutions.