Schneider Iconic Range

Shopping with Voltex has never been easier. The online shop and its multiple delivery options – including Click and Collect which offers you the option of collecting from your nearest store, or from any of the 2500 collection sites nationwide – means that you can shop any time, anywhere.

This means that the Schneider Electric Iconic range is within your reach! This modern electrical accessory range is based on a slim, clean design which is easy to customise and blend into your environment. It is the next generation platform designed with electricians, for electricians.

This range is filled with unique, smart features. New, game-changing compatible modules and grids with changeable skins and dollies for incredible customisation now and for future. The locking bar allows for simple mech reorientation and sturdy locking for a quick, easily install. This reduces the risk of mech pushbacks.

Our Electric Iconic’s Extra White skins offer a smooth, clean look and feel for all switches and sockets, making them easy to personalise with modern skins that even your customers will be able to change. Integrated protective screw covers prevent screw access after installation, allowing skins to be changed at any time. This all-new platform includes sockets, switches, timers, USB chargers, new features, and more. Schneider Electric Iconic was designed with features that greatly simplify installation, and with products that adapt to your lifestyle. Future-proof with products that allow for style and function updates in the years to come.

Schneider Electric Iconic switches and electronic accessories feature the all-new 40 series modules designed for optimum flexibility in up to 6 lever grids. The grids make changing from vertical to horizontal orientation simple, and locking bars reduce the risk of module pushbacks. Schneider Electric Iconic introduces a new Night Walk skin, featuring an integrated motion sensor that switches on when it detects movement. LEDs illuminate the way when someone gets up at night, without disturbing others.

When it comes to connectivity, Schneider Electric Iconic is unrivalled. It has comprehensive range of options for all modern network connectivity requirements. With modules for RJ45 networking, HDMI sockets and audio cable entry plates – everything you could need for home networking. It also has a wide offering for home data, TV and audio connections, meaning you can easily meet customer requirements for networking, audio and video installations.

For Audio, video and networking, Schneider Electric Iconic includes a wide range of modules to suit any home application. TVs can be connected to gaming consoles, IPTV and Pay TV boxes through F-Type connectors and HDMI cable series modules. RJ45 connectors can be used for home networking. Because no two home networks are the same, the new NCO 40 series module connectors make every set-up even simpler. You can use combinations of modules in up to 6 lever grids, providing for a broad range of end user requirements. For Actassi networking, Cat6 provides peace of mind with high performance and bandwidth.

There is no reason not to check out the new partnership between Voltex and Schneider Electric Iconic today. With so many options to choose from, there is definitely something for you.

Tied to excellence

Voltex showcases 101 ways to use the Weidmuller cable ties

The cable tie, in our opinion, deserves its own day on the annual calendar of important things as it is the quintessential product in any toolbox. Whether you’re a DIY guru, the go-to colleague for handy supplies in the office or the project manager on a big industrial job, a cable tie is generally a tool you will always keep in your arsenal. 

It is as versatile as an apparatus can be and most certainly, this nifty little aid makes for a great makeshift lock on your suitcase or for tying chords together, but have you ever thought about other ingenious solutions for which you can apply a cable tie?   

What about using it to; secure your ladder from slipping down, attach a set of keys to your belt loop, reattach the mudguard to your car or how about removing a broken cork from a bottle by creating a loop underneath the cork and pulling up and locking your toolbox while on site?

These are just some of the artful ways, in the workplace and at home, to make use of a Weidmuller cable tie. We still have another 96 reasons to get creative with its uses. And better yet, you can purchase our range of Cable Ties on the Voltex Online Store as well as at any of our branches nationwide.

Esteemed across the globe for excellence in German engineered technology and solutions, Weidmuller is a leading supplier of durable and world-class cable ties in South Africa. Designed with precision and tied to excellence, be assured that quality is the backbone of the Weidmuller cable tie. Join us as we uncover the many more handy recommendations you can use your Weidmuller cable ties for over the coming weeks and feel free to share your ideas for innovative ideas with us.

Click and Collect with Voltex!

Have you ever wished you could place your order online and just fetch it yourself instead of having to wait for the delivery truck to show up? Well, we have too, and that’s why we made Click and Collect an option when you shop with Voltex.

Why should you use it?

Click and Collect is not only convenient, but it is safer too. The limited person-to-person contact ensures that you and our staff are placed at the lowest possible risk of COVID-19. Being able to select which store you collect from means that you save on transport costs as you can select a store nearest your jobsite, your office, or your home. The time and money you save will quickly show you why this is the best option by far.

How does it work?

The process is incredibly simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit and select your goods.
  2. When you add to cart, select your preferred collection store from the dropdown menu.
  3. Complete your order with payment and you’re done!

Orders will be packed and ready for collection from your chosen branch within 4 hours.

We currently have the Click and Collect option available at our Cape Town, Briardene, Pretoria, Bramley, Midrand, and Weltevreden stores, but don’t worry – we’ll be adding new stores soon!


A good workman always has the right tools

In the digital age there’s not much stopping anyone with an internet connection from exploring home DIY. Learning how to make small home improvements and performing general maintenance in a domestic setting has never been easier. A simple internet search can produce hundreds of links to step by step videos and instruction on virtually anything. The only thing standing in your way now are the right tools to get the job done.

The efficient use of a wide range of tools is what separates us from other animals. Access to the right tools make jobs far safer and easier, allowing us to solve unique problems with more efficiency and finesse.

Choosing the correct tools for the right job can be a daunting and an overwhelming task – there are so many to choose from at so many different price points! The tools you bought to fix your toilet won’t be the same ones you need to maintain your gate motor. While building your basic tool collection, look for the highest quality you can afford and remember to maintain the tools you already have – ensuring they will continue to serve you for many years.

Tools for electrical work are often completely different to the ones a plumber may have in his toolkit. Jobs where wiring and electricity are involved will require tools that can measure voltage or manipulate and cut wires. Pliers of all kinds are especially useful for electrical work. Long nose pliers are used to reach wires in tight spaces and hold small objects in place while working. Groove joint pliers are useful for removing knockouts from metal electrical boxes, tightening cable clamps and for other general adjustments. These tools would, however, be useless to a carpenter or brick layer.

Other great tools for electrical projects include general use items like torches, measuring tape, screwdrivers and a good quality spirit level. A full kit that includes everything necessary can be the difference between a half-job and a job-well-done. It’s generally considered a bad idea to start a project before you have everything you need.

Buying tools when they’re on special is ideal to ensure affordability. Keeping a look out for sales is a great way to get the highest quality tools for the lowest possible price. If you’re currently on the hunt for some tools, you’re in luck! The 3-Phase sale currently on at Voltex is offering a great range of tools at great prices, making it possible to stock your toolkit without breaking the bank. They also make great gifts!

The sale offers everything from pliers and screwdrivers to multimeters and crimping tools – making now the perfect time to invest in great quality tools from leading brands.


Plugs, Sockets and Safety Around the Home

Electricity surrounds us, it’s in our homes and everywhere we look. Our homes are powered by complicated electrical systems connected to the national grid – It permeates every aspect of our lives in every way.

It’s vital that we understand and stay informed about the electrical aspects of our home, to keep our family members safe and secure. Even if you know all the risks, its important to consider the members of your home who might not know the potential danger that surrounds old or faulty electrical connections.

Appliances needing repairs or replacement should be attended to immediately. Not doing so could result in an accident. In your home, breakages and excessive wear and tear on electrical equipment can occur frequently so you need to make regular inspections and take precautions to ensure your safety.

Part of your routine home maintenance should include a thorough inspection of all electrical plugs, sockets and appliances. Catching issues early could save your life and you home.

For appliances, check for breakages, wear, deterioration, signs of overheating, missing parts and faulty appliance controls wherever you are able. Remember to test all your appliances and equipment regularly to stay ahead of possible problems or faulty connections.

Where your home plugs and electric sockets and concerned, there are a few tips and tricks that may ensure your safety. Buy and use plugs that are SABS approved, avoid overloading your plugs and use an adaptor instead wherever possible. Ensure that you switch off wall sockets when not in use and never unplug an appliance by pulling on the cord. If small children live in your home, place wall socket safety caps in areas within reach of tiny hands.

Take the time to teach your children and household members proper safety procedures, people of all ages should know how to use plugs safely.Do your plug sockets and covers look like they need to be replaced? Consider buying new ones with the new SANS 164-2 South African plug included. The new plug standard is safer, easier and makes more efficient use of space than the older 3-point plug model. Keep your home up to date and buy some new plugs and switches from Voltex during the 3-Phase sale for added affordability and convenience!


Enjoy an insect-free summer with Voltex

Summer storms and warm weather being out swarms of insects that can be highly annoying and potentially unsanitary. Nobody wants a moth or fly to land up in their drink when sitting outside and enjoying time outdoors. And it’s even worse when the bugs get inside your home! If you haven’t already, get yourself an insect killer to keep away the insects that plague the South African summer season.

Simply buying an insect killer isn’t enough – where you place the device matters and can make a huge difference to your life. Make the most of your shiny new indoor insect killer this season by following some simple tips and tricks.

Position your insect killer carefully. Make sure it’s not visible from outside so you don’t inadvertently invite more insects in! Keep the bugs out and only kill the unlucky ones who find their way inside your home. Insects fly at an average height of 1.5-2.5m, make the most of this fact by positioning your traps and killers around this height.

Keep your traps away from other light sources to increase their effectiveness and ensure that the insects find the trap and not harmless light fixtures. The best place for your fly killer should be between the most likely point of entry in your home, and the food. Inside and above doors is a great place to position as insects are lured away from kitchens and food areas without being invited into you home.

You can increase you traps effectiveness even further by securing all waste far away from kitchens and keeping your space as clean as possible. The added benefit of this is that routine cleaning also helps to reduce the likelihood of other pests such as rats and mice.

Now that you’re an insect killing expert, use this information to keep your home and your life bug-free all summer long. If you don’t have an amazing insect killer yet, they’re on special during the Voltex 3-Phase sale! Hurry and get one for your home or business before its too late, an insect-free stoep is well worth any price.