Electrical and physical properties of 3 core PVC insulated PVC bedded SWA PVC sheathed 1,9/3,3kV cables with copper conductors and manufactured to SANS 1507-3.

The cost effectiveness of transferring power over long distances through intermediate step-up step-down systems is desirable for the electrification of industrial and residential installations. Armadac® consists of 3 circular stranded plain soft copper conductors, PVC insulated, PVC bedded, Steel Wire Armoured, PVC sheathed, 1,9/3,3kV manufactured to SANS 1507-3. Applications where this cable can typically be used include, amongst others, game lodges agricultural industry applications and general long distance electricity transfer applications at intermediate voltage. Advantages of using an intermediate voltage cable over the conventional 400V 3-phase system offered by the increased voltage of 3,3kV include the fact that voltage drop will be considerably lower and small conductor sizes (10mm², 16mm² or 25mm²) will suffice for most applications. The Armadac® cable is steel wire armoured and provides a robust mechanical protection to the cable, hence it is suitable to be installed underground. Furthermore, Armadac® offers additional protection against attack by rodents and other animals as provided by the steel wire armouring. The steel wire armouring can also be utilised as an earth continuity path, therefore eliminating the need for an external earth conductor. Armadac® makes use of circular cores which limits electrical stress in the insulation and also incorporates a flame retardant PVC Sheath, which limits the spread of fire.

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