CBI Battery DC Protection Kit BATBOX125

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CBI Battery DC Protection Kit BATBOX125

CBI offers a complete kit for protection of cables and equipment in battery back-up installations. The kit includes a robust metal enclosure with heavy duty CBI circuit breakers pre-installed and ready to protect battery installations with a high short-circuit capacity. The circuit breakers are designed to work in DC applications of up to 80V and comply with local and international standard such as IEC 60947-2 and UL 489A

The kit includes busbars, glands, labels and screws to make installation quick and easy without the need to attach lugs or even remove the circuit breaker for connection. With this kit you will be able to disconnect both positive and negative connections as is the best for inverter applications.

Installation Instructions:

  1. Select a suitable location to mount the enclosure
  2. Use the drill template to mark the drill holes
  3. Drill a hole for the nylon screws
  4. Remove the front cover. Mount the enclosure to the wall. Take note DO NOT REMOVE the circuit breakers from the enclosure
  5. Strip the wire ends by 15mm
  6. Push the stripped ends of the wire into the glands and align inside the box terminal
  7. Tighten box terminal with a flat screwdriver
  8. Attach the enclosure lid with the screws provided
  9. Best practice would be to Earth the enclosure at the connection point provided

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