Solar Combo Greenrich Lithium Battery 3.68kWh + Deye Inverter 5KW 48V

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Solar Combo Greenrich Lithium Battery 3.68kWh + Deye Inverter 5KW 48V

Greenrich Lithium Battery 3.68kWh 72Ah 51.2V

  • DOD 95%
  • 2 Discharge
  • 5 years products warranty, 10 years performance warranty
  • Compatible with all major inverter brands
  • A fantastic feature for those wanting to expand their system at a later stage is the ability to add more more batteries to expand your battery capacity
  • Vertical industry integration ensures 6000 cycles with 95% DOD. Developed with their own LFP (lithium iron phosphate) cell to ensure the highest safety and most promising cycle life
  • Self designed BMS protects the cell from abnormal temperatures, surges and irregular voltages
  • With a whopping 2C discharge you will be able to handle spikes of power to the rating of your inverter, unlike most batteries this is high-performing
  • Compatible with most of the leading inverters on the market. Its compact and fashionable design fits in your home environment
  • For peace of mind, this battery comes with a standard 5 year product warranty and a 10 year performance warranty

Weight: 42kg

Dimensions: 500x438x222.6mm

Storage Size: 3.68kWh

Cycles: 6000

Deye Hybrid Inverter 5KW 48V + Wifi Dongle SUN-5K-SG01

  • Colorful touch LCD, IP65 protection degree
  • 6 time periods for battery charging/discharging
  • Max. charging/discharging current of 190A
  • Max.16pcs parallel
  • DC couple and AC couple to retrofit existing solar system
  • Support storing energy from diesel generator
  • Max. battery charge efficiency of 95.4%
  • Unique Smart Load application and Grid peak shaving function
  • 4ms fast transfer from on-grid to off-grid mode, ensuing the traditional fixed frequency air conditioner works well
  • Certified by UL, CE, IEC, VDE, NRS, VFR, AS4777.2, CEI and INMETRO etc.

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