Major Tech Tester Voltage LCD MT476

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The MT476 is a 690V AC/DC Voltage Tester and is designed to meet electrician’s requirements for a multitude of applications. The tester operates without a switch and by simply placing the probes onto the circuit under test, the meter automatically turns on and displays the voltage on a 2000 count display and quick indication can be viewed on the analogue bargraph. The MT476 incorporates a Low Impedance Test, which induces a basic load of approximately 6kΩ at 690 volts. The voltage tester can show the direction of the rotating field with three-phase systems. The applied voltage and the rotating field direction is shown on the LCD display, with corresponding rotating field direction L = anticlockwise and R = clockwise. The tester can be used as a Single Pole phase tester and measure continuity up to 400kΩ plus RCD Test. The MT476 meets the CAT IV 600V and CAT III 1000V safety standards.

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