Solar Combo Kit 15 Megarevo Chase 8kW Inverter + 2 x Greenrich 5kW Batteries (Watts of Love)

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Solar Combo Kit 15 Megarevo Chase 8kW Inverter + 2 x Greenrich 5kW Batteries

Experience uninterrupted power with our Megarevo Chase Inverter and Greenrich Won Battery Combo – a reliable and efficient solution designed to keep your essential devices running, even during power outages. This seamlessly integrated system combines a high-performance inverter with a durable battery, ensuring a constant and dependable power supply for your home or business.


Megarevo Chase 8kW Inverter 8KL1

PV Input Data

  • MAX. DC Input Power: 12KW
  • NO. MPPT Tracker: 4
  • MPPT Range: 120-500V
  • MAX. DC Input Voltage: 500V
  • MAX. Input Current: 14A
  • MAX. Short Circuit Current: 20A

Battery Input Data

  • Nominal voltage (Vdc): 48V
  • MAX. Charging/Discharging Current: 190A/190A
  • Battery Voltage Range: 40-60V
  • Battery Type: Lithium and Lead Acid Battery
  • Charging Strategy for Li-Ion Battery: Self-adaption to BMS

AC Output Data(On-Grid)

  • Nominal output power Output to Grid: 8kVA
  • MAX. Apparent Power Output to Grid: 8.8kVA
  • MAX. Grid-Connected Power In South Africa: 4.6kVA
  • Nominal AC Current Output to Grid: 34.8A
  • Max. AC Current Output to Grid: 38.3A
  • Max. AC Current From Grid: 50A
  • OutPut THDI: < 2%

AC Output Data(Back-Up)

  • Nominal. Apparent Power Output: 8kVA
  • MAX. Apparent Power Output: 8.8kVA
  • Nominal Output Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

General Data

  • Operating Temperature Range: -25 ~ +60°C( > 45°C derating)
  • Relative Humidity: 0-95%
  • Operating Altitude: 0~4000m(Derating above 2000m altitude)
  • Ingress Protection: IP65
  • Weight: 41kg
  • Size (Width*Height*Depth): 460mm x 760mm x 225mm
  • Cooling: FAN Cooling
  • Noise emission: <38dB
  • Display: LCD,Touch panel(optinal)
  • Communication With BMS/Meter/EMS: RS485,CAN
  • Supported communication interface: RS485, WLAN, 4G (optional)
  • Self-consumption at night: < 20 W

Greenrich U-P5000 Technical Info:


  • Overvoltage protection;
  • Undervoltage protection;
  • short-circuit protection;
  • Low temperature charge protection;
  • High temperature charge protection;
  • Low temperature discharge protection;
  • High temperature discharge protection;
  • Charge over-current protection;
  • Discharge over-current protection;
  • Dormancy function;
  • RS485 communication;
  • CAN communication.
  • RS232 communication
  • Rated Voltage: 51.2V
  • Nominal Capacity: 9.6Ah, 4.95kWh
  • Charge Mode: CC/CV/CP
  • Max.Charge Current: 80A
  • Charging cut-of f voltage: 57.4V

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